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Good Eats - 6th & 38th/39th?

We are staying on 6th Ave between 38th and 39th, any really good eats within a 20 min walk? BF/Lunch/Dinner, any budget, any ethnicity,any style, just need suggestions for some great spots/dishes that should be hit around here. We will be here for 3 days and doing a variety of things, so all recs are appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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  1. You must be staying at the Residence Inn. Search the board for an almost identical question from a few weeks ago, and enjoy your visit!

    1. a good friend of mine swears by The Windfall on 39th Street, between 5th and 6th Ave.

      check them out on

      1. Macaron Cafe on 36th close to 7th has very good salads and sandwiches, interesting decor, good drip coffee. The macarons are ok. Fun place, but it's real small, so go at an off hour. Or if you want to get some takeout food to eat in Bryant Park (6th Ave & 40th), this is good choice.
        You're also close to Koreatown, roughly bordered by 36th St, 32nd St, 5th Ave, and 6th Ave. Closest to you is Madangsui, on 35th, north side, real good Korean bbq.
        20 minutes will take you a lot of places in Manhattan. You could walk down to Union Square or pretty much anywhere in Midtown, which opens you up to a lot of places. I just listed the two closest things that I like.

        1. Check menus/addresses: www.menupages.com

          Zeytin's (good for grab/go to be enjoyed in the park
          )Szechuan Gourmet
          Keen's Chophouse


          1. I like Barbes, a French Moroccan spot on 36th between Fifth and Madison.

            1. I am actually trying John Barry's tonight. (39th between 5th and 6th) They are not open on the weekends. I will let you know how it is-menu is pretty simple, salads, sandwiches, pizza etc

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                I work right by there so know the area well:
                1- Le Pain Quotidien - they have a bunch of open face sandwiches that are yummy, great cappucinos, etc. It's a table service place... quieter at night, but usually packed for lunch. It's on 40th b/w 5 & 6. Much of the food is creative and healthy.

                2 - I second Barbes... great Moroccan place.

                3- Lazarra's -39 b/w 7th and 8th - arguably one of hte best pizza places in NY... It's set on the 2nd floor of the old townhouse. It's crazy during lunch (usualyl half an hour wait for a table), but is really romantic for dinner (they light candles and stuff).

                4 - Arno's - expensive, old-school Italian place with killer food. It's been around for about 40 years. All the waiters wear tuxedos. I think they do a nightly show called Murdered by the Mob, but have never been. My boss takes me here often for lunch, and I always love it.

                5 - Thai Select on 9th ave b/w 36th and 37th is a good bet for Thai.

                6 - Ktown has a host of good korean food. There's a restaurant on the corner of 33rd(?) and 6th that I like to frequent.

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                  Never heard of Amo's. What do you like to eat there?


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                  we used to go to John Barry's for drinks after work. I never knew they had food. Isn't it really more of a bar than a restaurant?

                3. Some of the places I like in the neighborhood

                  1. Shake Shack -- it is about a 15-20 minute walk; lots of reports on this board; my favorite is the double stack -- a shack burger combined with a deep-fried cheese-filled portobello mushroom burger

                  2. Hyo Dong Gak -- for Korean-Chinese food; ignore the items like beef and broccoli and stick with things like jia jiang myun (noodles with black bean sauce) and jjham bhong (spicy noodle soup with veggies and seafood)

                  3. Sushi Yasuda -- one of the best sushi restaurants in NYC; will probably need reservations; about a 15 minute walk

                  4. Aburyia Kinnosuke -- Japanese grill/izakaya; can try a lot of small things; need to make a reservation, about a 15 minute walk

                  5. Madangsui -- Korean BBQ; just a few blocks away

                  6. Olympic Pita -- Israeli restaurant -- only have had the falafel and schwarma; if you go, make sure you get it on laffa bread (may be an extra dollar or so) but so worth it

                  7. Szechuan Gourmet -- just half a block from where you are; probably the best Sichuan restaurant in Manhattan; my favorites are mabo tofu, crispy lamb with cumin, fish with hot bean sauce, prawns with pork and asparagus; they also do a hot pot that is not on the menu

                  8. Wichcraft -- Colicchio's casual sandwich chain located in Bryant Park; makes a terrific lunch if the weather is nice

                  9.Keen's -- for steaks and mutton chops

                  10. Lazzaras for grandma style pizza

                  11. DB Bistro -- one of Daniel Boulud's restaurants; known for their DB burger -- made of up ground beef, braised short ribs, foie gras and truffles

                  12. Sushi Zen -- a bit closer than Yasuda; I prefer Yasuda as it's a better value and I feel the fish is better. But Sushi Zen is closer to where you are and most likely won't need reservations

                  13. Macaron Cafe -- I like their sandwiches; not crazy about the macarons. Workers there are really nice. If you're in the mood for macarons, I would walk down to Chelsea to Le Madeleine Bakery.

                  14. Pio Pio -- Peruvian roast chicken restaurant; get the chicken; avoid the ceviche

                  15. Artisanal -- Terrance Brennan's bistro with an emphasis on cheese; perfect place for dinner or just a flight of wines and cheeses

                  16. BCD Tofu -- a Korean restaurant that specializes in soon-tofu (a soft spicy Korean casserole) -- tastes better than it sounds

                  17. Trini-Pak cart -- street cart on 43rd and 6th that serves delicious curried chicken and basmati rice (make sure you get the white, not yellow rice); can eat it at Bryant Park which is one block away

                  18. Saravannas or Tiffin Wallah for vegetarian Indian food; Dhaba for non-veg Indian food

                  19. Wolfgang's Steakhouse -- I haven't been, but DH has and likes it better than Luger for the porterhouse

                  20. Hill Country -- haven't been there yet, but have read good reports for BBQ

                  21. Esca -- one of Batali's upscale seafood restaurants; it is on the pricey side

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                    Great list! I love #4. Even with Yasuda-san heading home, #3 is great. Why not add the back room at Smith & Wollensky or the front room at PJ Clarke's?

                    Smith & Wollensky
                    797 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022

                  2. For a quick bowel of chinese noodle soup go to Main Noodle House about a block or two away right on the west side of sixth avenue (1011 6th Ave/212 869 0888)

                    1. One word- KEENS!!!!!!!!!!

                      1. "Newsstand" Indian for enormous, delicious, $5 chaat lunches. 6th Ave. and 37th St.

                        1. Barbes (Moroccan) on 36 between Mad & 5th is great, venture through K-town, Also recommend Lazarra's (voted Top 10 pizza in NYC) on 38th between 7th & 8th.... excellent pizza. Avoid it during 12:30-2pm tho... the lines can be pretty bad.

                          1. Evergreen is a great choice for traditional Chinese food. I had lunch there yesterday, and it was excellent: Steamed juicy buns, Dungpo Pork (Roast Pork in Clay Pot), and black sesame rice balls for dessert. The service was solid, and the food is authentic, based on my little bit of experience in Taipei and also as evidenced by the number of larger parties of Chinese people having events upstairs each time I've gone.