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May 7, 2009 01:19 PM

Good Eats - 6th & 38th/39th?

We are staying on 6th Ave between 38th and 39th, any really good eats within a 20 min walk? BF/Lunch/Dinner, any budget, any ethnicity,any style, just need suggestions for some great spots/dishes that should be hit around here. We will be here for 3 days and doing a variety of things, so all recs are appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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  1. You must be staying at the Residence Inn. Search the board for an almost identical question from a few weeks ago, and enjoy your visit!

    1. a good friend of mine swears by The Windfall on 39th Street, between 5th and 6th Ave.

      check them out on

      1. Macaron Cafe on 36th close to 7th has very good salads and sandwiches, interesting decor, good drip coffee. The macarons are ok. Fun place, but it's real small, so go at an off hour. Or if you want to get some takeout food to eat in Bryant Park (6th Ave & 40th), this is good choice.
        You're also close to Koreatown, roughly bordered by 36th St, 32nd St, 5th Ave, and 6th Ave. Closest to you is Madangsui, on 35th, north side, real good Korean bbq.
        20 minutes will take you a lot of places in Manhattan. You could walk down to Union Square or pretty much anywhere in Midtown, which opens you up to a lot of places. I just listed the two closest things that I like.

        1. Check menus/addresses:

          Zeytin's (good for grab/go to be enjoyed in the park
          )Szechuan Gourmet
          Keen's Chophouse

          1. I like Barbes, a French Moroccan spot on 36th between Fifth and Madison.