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May 7, 2009 01:18 PM

iso, "real" chocolate milkshake near st. joe's hospital (denver)

Looking for real, hand-scooped, thick and rich chocolate milkshake... should be made with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. I am not familiar with that particular area, so I need your help.

needs to be near enough to st. joe's so that it wouldn't melt on the drive over to bring it to a patient there.

thanks in advance.


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    Either would be my suggestion, hope your friend is okay.

    1. oops... I totally just realized that I didn't append my list of possibilities to this post. I did my homework, just didn't edit properly. so here is my list of places that are within 3.5 miles.

      Griff's hamburgers
      Annie's Cafe
      Fergie's frozen custard
      and I'll add
      Little man ice cream

      any from here that you'd give a resounding A+ or a avoid at all costs? most on-line reviews are mixed, which is typical.

      thanks everyone!

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      1. re: withalonge

        If Liks makes milkshakes, I'd go there, since it is the closest shop making and selling ice cream only and I like their ice cream. They're at 13th Ave and Vine Street, so it is less than 2 miles away. Perk Hill at 22nd and Kearney sells their ice cream and I know they make milkshakes.

        1. re: former minnesotan

          wonderful... so close... sounds just about perfect.