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May 7, 2009 01:13 PM

Good places to eat in Raynham/Taunton MA area?

We are pretty new to this area and we love to eat out. We have explored some, but not enough. Accepting all suggestions please!

Also, would LOVE brunch suggestions. Hoping to catch some yummy brunch this weekend.

We pretty much love all types of food, especially world cuisine. We eat meat but we also love vegetarian, so if anyone knows of any Veggie places, that would be great too.


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  1. When we visit our daughter at Wheaton College in Norton, we have enjoyed a few meals at Trattoria Della Nonna in Mansfield.

    For a quick lunch there is The Cape Cod Cafe in Raynham, well-known for its South Shore bar pizza. I used to love this pizza, but I may be over it. Just something for you to consider.

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      I stopped for a quick lunch at that Cape Cod Cafe, and was underwhelmed by its Greek salad. There were acres of watery iceberg lettuce and not many flavorful items to balance.

      1. re: sr44

        Sorry to hear that about Cape Cod Cafe. When I was a kid, the Greek Salad place of choice was Christo's in Brockton, which I believe is still up and running. Haven't been in eons.

        We were up in Boston/Brockton area a few weeks ago (sadly, to see Red Sox lose game 3), and had lunch at Emma's Pub in Norton. I can't recommend this place. Nothing special at all. Bar food stuff...reminded me of the late but not forgotten Ground Round. They have a bunch of beers...and you can watch sports, but food was a yawn.

        We also had lunch at a 99 place in Easton, which my sister raved about as being good and cheap. Don't see the appeal. My burger was wretchedly overcooked and dry. (I specified medium rare, they said they doubted they could cook it any less than medium, they were right).

        Wish I could find a nice lunch place up that way.

        1. re: TrishUntrapped

          Trish, you gotta go with the steak tips at the 99.

    2. One way to really expand your horizons would be to drive the half hour into Providence area and start exploring. Many interesting and tasty restaurants.

      1. haven't tried it myself, but a friend raved about a deli -Tutto Italiano in Lakeville on Rt 44

        1. Try Portuguese Fire Pit on Weir St.

          It is not a sit down place but is is a tasty BBQ spot. Also, make sure you place your pick up order about an hr before you are ready to eat (they have been super busy since opening a couple months back).