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May 7, 2009 12:49 PM

Thai Delivery Eastern Jackson Heights?

Does anyone know of a Thai restaurant that will deliver east of 86th street? I am at 92nd, and we seem to be in the no-man's land. I checked NY mag's thai listings, and there seem to be some that stop in Elmhurst that stop at Roosevelt, and then the Woodside and JH ones stop at 82nd or 86th.

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  1. Did you check Chao Thai? They deliver to 82nd street. Don't know about 92nd though.

    1. maybe sabay delivers there.

      1. I just called my local place, Arunee Thai and they deliver to 92nd street. Their food is good. ph. 718-205-5559

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        1. re: majorette

          Arunee is very good. Get the basil chicken. I assume they would deliver, they are 12 short blocks away.

        2. Also check to see if Ploy or Boon Chu deliver to your area.

          1. Thanks all! Arunee's listing somewhere said they didn't ,but I will call to ask. And check out the others!

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            1. re: billowitz

              one word: ayada. they deliver, they're awesome and the prices are very reasonable. give 'en a call.