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May 7, 2009 12:43 PM

Family friendly brunch

I'm trying to plan a birthday brunch for my 30th in October (yes, preparing ahead of time). My party is 8 people plus my nephew and niece (who will be 1 year old and a 5 months old). Looking to spend about $30 per person plus drinks. Preferably on the UES but another option is Union Square area (since it is central for everyone to get to). Since I am new to the "family dining" experience, I was wondering if anyone could suggest someplace nice but not inappropriate to bring children to. Thanks!

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  1. craftbar is great for brunch

    1. The Smith sounds like it would work great for your group.

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        Although I really like the Smith (was just there last week!), I was hoping to go someplace a little nicer (although I realize that might not be possible with the little ones- let me know what you think). The price range is only an approximate- it can be definitely be increased

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          If a lunch rather than a brunch menu is acceptable, Union Square Cafe is family-friendly and is certainly nice enough for a birthday celebration. It's good that you are willing to increase your budget because $30pp isn't really doable there.

      2. Sarabeth's fits your price range and its always family friendly

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        1. The Atlantic Grill is in the right geographical area and a bit below your price range. May not be as nice as you were looking at, but their brunch is actually excellent, and if you just throw in a few oysters you can make it up to $30 no problem. Plus, it's certainly great for families.

          1. Cafe D'Alsace or Fetch on the UES