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May 7, 2009 12:33 PM

Recommendations for Nakusp, Nelson & Kimberley

Any suggestions for these areas?

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  1. ahh the Kootenays. I grew up in the Slocan Valley, which is what you'll be driving through between Nakusp and Nelson. If you need lunch on your drive, wait until you get to Winlaw and eat at Sleep is for Sissies. Good stuff and good coffee.

    Nelson: Outstanding dining scene for such a small town. I haven't lived there for a while, but I make it back at least twice a year.... so, I'm sure there are some restaurants which I don't know about.

    - All Season's Cafe is easily the best restaurant in Nelson, and probably the best between Kelowna and Calgary. Beautiful back patio as well. I love this restaurant.

    - Redfish Grill - The food here is OK, nothing amazing. But for lunch on a sunny day, the patio right in the middle of Baker street is hard to beat.

    - El Taco - Pretty good Mexican restaurant with another branch here in Vancouver.

    - Preserved Seed - Ridiculously good "wholesome food" (sandwiches, soups, etc). Owned and operated by 8 Tribes, which is kind of a, "back to the land" religious/cult... but, they're not over the top weird... I'm not sure, I just know they know how to cook.

    If by unfortunate chance you have to go to Castelgar, find Weezie's Borsht Hut and load up on ridiculously good Doukabour food (borsht, pirozhki, etc). Sooo good.

    I don't know anything about Nakusp. From my limited experience I think you're going to be stuck to diner food.

    I don't have any specific recommendations for Kimberley, but I do know that they have a very strong Bavarian tradition. A lot of their architecture is based on traditional bavarian looking houses, their center square is called the, "Spatzel" (or something like that) and they have a whole lot of schnitzel restaurants. Kind of weird, but I love schnitzel.

    Enjoy the Kootenays!

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      the owner of an Edmonton chow favorite Culina has a new restaurant in Nelson that I suspect would be just as great as his successes here. The name of it is Bibo. here is a link to the website:

    2. In Nakusp there is a German inspired wood oven restaurant (name escapes me) right on main street about 2 blocks down from the Overwaitea. Always busy when we go through town. The Leland hotel, overlooking the lake, had a great Swiss chef (stolen from Halycon) a couple of years ago and was really great... but he's gone now and they are back to your basic pub/diner food. Breakfast is always great at the Broadway Deli, served all day (closes around 4pm).

      Halcyon Hot Springs on the road north from Nakusp to Revelstoke (before the ferry) has a decent restaurant with very nice atmosphere and views over Arrow Lake.

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        The restaurant at the Halcyon Hot Springs is very pretty with an amazing view of Arrow Lakes. We went the summer of 07, but I have pictures of our meal. Food was really good with nice presentation. Service was good. I think if you're driving through that area, it's definitely worth checking out. I have to add that a dip in the hot springs up there overlooking Arrow Lakes would also be worth experiencing :)

        1. re: sumashi

          I also took a pic of the menu at the time... here it is, sorry it might be kind of hard to read.

          We ordered the Halcyon bison burger, broiled salmon burger, BC berries with vanilla ice, and Swiss toblerone parfait with sauce Grand Marnier.

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            I was just at Halcyon last weekend and had dinner... the buffalo and salmon burgers are gone replaced with beef and chicken :-(

            The menu was far to overpriced for what was on offer and in my opinion was driving away their key family and local demographic to go after the rich folks who have recently purchased the new Halcyon chalets.

            It's too bad it's been a decent dining room for the past 8 - 9 years (especially when the old Swiss chef was there) and I hate to see it deteriorate while pursuing the chalet crowd.

      2. I would say the best restaurant in Nelson is the All Season's Cafe, it's a bit pricey but a beautiful menu and the patio is amazing. Another great restaurant is Cafe KAS.

        1. Bibo is supposed to now reign supreme for dining in Nelson. I guess the All Season's Cafe has been bought out by some family from California and they are, "running it into the ground".