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May 7, 2009 12:29 PM

double date w/ mom-where to go?


I finally get to meet my mom's boyfriend next week and i can't decide where to go fir dinner. my mom doesn't eat vegetables (unreal, i know), my boyfriend is a vegetarian and i'm a foodie. i want to go somewhere fun and festive (it is my bday dinner) and have made reservations at falai, cookshop and stanton social. please help!



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  1. I think Stanton Social is a good pick b/c the whole "small plates/sharing" approach encourages more group interaction and decision making (when it comes to the food).
    Not sure if you could call Falai or Cookshop "fun and festive."

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    1. re: LeahBaila

      As I normally agree with the Lunchbelle I have to disagree this time. I dont think SS on a Fri or Sat night is a good place for a MOM. Very crowded and loud. Cookshop would be a better option. Never been to Falai.

      1. re: princeofpork

        Don't assume about a woman just because shes a mom.

        1. re: DarthEater

          The assumption I was making was more related to age then to gender. However, I guess regardless of age they may enjoy the scene at SS but I doubt it.

    2. Cookshop would be a good choice, since everyone can get something they like. It might not be great to do small plates if everyone is on such different diets!

      1. Our one dinner experience at Cookshop was disappointing. The food was just o.k., service was inattentive, tables are very tightly spaced, and the noise level was uncomfortably high.

        I would suggest Bar Breton. This is the casual restaurant opened a few months ago by the chef/owner of the late Fleur de Sel. While the style of the cuisine here is more rustic French (as well as less expensive), it is, nonetheless, delicious. Galettes are a specialty of the house, and there are several which would work for your vegetarian boyfriend, along with some excellent salads. I'm sure your mom will be able to by-pass vegetables, and you can satisfy your foodie cravings. It's a casual, fun place with very attractive decor that provides a festive feel.

        I hope you hit it off well with your mom's boyfriend. Happy Birthday and Bon Appetit!

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        1. re: RGR

          Agreed about Cookshop: while I've enjoyed their brunch, my two dinner experiences there were both downright unpleasant, with ordinary food not at all compensating for the crush of people and volume.

          1. re: cjd260

            Why not try their sister restaurant, 5 points. Always a nice meal and atmosphere there.

            1. re: cjd260

              I have to disagree - everytime I have gone the food has been very good and its been a very nice atmosphere.

              1. re: stephaniec25

                I too, think the atmosphere is great for what you're looking for. I've had many meals at Cookshop. Some have been great, others have only been pretty good -- but the overall experience (food plus cocktails plus atmosphere plus service) always leaves me really happy. Menu is a great mix for the foodie/veggie/carnivore mixed crew. I'd keep this reservation.

          2. You don't mention price range or what cuisine mom's bf likes. We like Falai alot. I don't eat red meat (do eat poultry and fish) and do okay there. Not sure I would select it for a first meeting of mom's bf, though it's quiet (not really fun). Have not been to Cookshop and Stanton Social is too small and loud for me based on what I've read on this Board . . . Rayuela might work if you sit upstairs (food's not as good as Falai).


            1. If you want to do something more tapas-ish, and something that has good for everyone and a great environment, I would recommend either:
              Prespa (amazing new rest on 33& lex) or
              Alta (W 10th St)

              Both have amazing, creative tapas for both meat eaters and vegetarians. Both also have a great ambiance and are not terribly expensive. Avra, Barbounia if you want Greek could be good options, and if you want to do something Asian, Safran is a great place upscale (Vietnamese)... and tell your boyifrend to get the Trio of Tofu there... it's amazing.

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              1. re: rebus03

                GREAT call on the Greek rec. Highly recommend Pylos.


                1. re: LeahBaila

                  We went to Pylos earlier this week. Only caveat is tables are close together and it can get loud. We lucked out this week because it was a Monday and we had our favorite corner table in the back.

                2. re: rebus03

                  I think the food at Barbounia is only average, and the noise level can reach an uncomfortably high level.

                  There are far better Greek restaurants. Our current favorite is Kellari's Taverna, on 20th St., b/t Park Av. S. & B'way (as it happens, down the block from Barbounia).