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May 7, 2009 12:19 PM

Best walk-to restaurants in Charlestown

I'm looking for all the hidden gems of eateries with (short) wlking distance from all parts of Charlestown.

I just moved there and know that the north end is right around the corner, but what if I want something closer? I'm also very familiar with Olives, Figs, Tangerino, and Tavern on the water. What else is there?

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  1. Paolo's has great Italian food. Located on Main Street. It's my favorite place in Charlestown.

    Chow Thai is also good for Thai food... especially their lunch specials! Their BBQ Chicken any variety of meat/tofu with ginger and scallions, and mango with sticky rice are great! They also have sushi a few nights a week. Maybe Sunday and Thursday? Not totally sure of the days but at least 2 times a week.

    Zumes- best latte I've had in BOston.

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      I happened to be in Charlestown yesterday and was going to try Zumes but it was filled with moms and baby carriages so I kept walking to Sorelle where I had a decent grilled tuna, swiss and unripe tomato on multigrain bread for $6.40. How long has Zumes been there? It looked kind of cute. I still l need to get a burger or something at the Warren Tavern. And what about the restaurant on the corner of Warren St. just before you come to the park? Can't remember the name.

    2. Navy Yard Bistro is delicious!

      Both Sorelle locations are great.

      Max and Dylan's recently opened also.

      Ironsides is also good. Nice outdoor seating.

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        I second Navy yard Bisrto, very good food at reasonable prices. The Warren Tavern isn't bad for a burger and pint.

      2. stopped at Max & Dylans for quick pre-game supper and was very happy. We both ordered salads with protein--Salmon and steak tips--and they were superb and very reasonable (<$15) with substantial portions of fresh well cooked fish and steak. Service was casual but friendly and attentive. I'd make a return visit without hesitation.

        1. I take back my Paolo's recc. I went a few weeks ago and it was terrible. Too bad.