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May 7, 2009 12:17 PM

Delivery in Charlestown

I just moved to Charlestown and I'm looking for the best places to get delivery. I don't need a ton of choices, just the best of the following catagories.


I've done dining in and would rather not deal with the wait or price, but I do know that's an option. I'm looking for direct delivery for all of these types of food.

Thanks for your help in advance!

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  1. Upper Crust delivers to Charlestown. Most restaurants in Union Square do as well. Chow Thai delivers on a Vespa.

    1. We live in Charlestown too! For Pizza - we usually get Jenny's Pizza since they are a couple of blocks down Medford Street from us. They will also deliver for $1. We usually get the Jenny's Special which is fairly meaty and very yummy. They have a website that is not too helpful since there is nothing on it:

      For Thai we usually get Chow Thai Cafe which is great. They have no website, but you should be able to see their menu if you just google. If you order/go there more than once, the owners will get to know you and may even remember your name! I can't remember how much delivery cost was from there, but can't imagine it was much.

      Welcome to the neighborhood!

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      1. re: jennyt

        Thanks Jenny. How did I know you would say Jenny's just from your name :)

        Actually I was dissapointed, the night we moved in I wanted to try Jenny's (We live almost right next to it) and they closed as I was calling.

        We will definitely have to give both your suggestions a try though!

        1. re: trichef

          Avoid Speedy Wong's for chinese. It is horrifyingly bad and the 5 of us that had take out for lunch one day all ended up with temporary digestive issues, if you catch my drift.

      2. Sushi : Billy Tse in the North End
        Salad/Sandwiches : Cafe Padima on Cambridge Street near MGH
        Pizza : Paolo's Trattoria on Main Street in Charlestown
        Thai : Similans (Brown Sugar Cafe people) on First Street near Galleria
        Mexican : Viva Burrito on Staniford near North Station

        For Jenny's they also make a good chicken cutlet...get it on the braided roll.

        Soon enough - you will start getting fliers for other places too.