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May 7, 2009 11:51 AM

Big Family Dinner, Fri Nite, 495 Belt - help?

There's a lot of us, like 23 of us ... some with kids, some single, a grandmother ... we need to make everyone happy and obviously we need reservations. We're coming from NH, RI, and SE Mass. We need family friendly, two don't eat red meat. We obviously couldn't go wrong with american fare or italian ? Any recommendations GREATLY appreciated!

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  1. Polcari's in Woburn? Capellini's in Tewksbury or Methuen? Orzo in North Andover? Joe Fish in North Andover?

    1. Gee, you have a long stretch of road between NH, Ma and RI.

      But, if you head into Cambridge, I know that The Elephant Walk could contain you and there is parking, just for an alternative. They even have a seperate dining room downstairs that could possibly accomadate.

      Just off of 495 in Haverhill is Joseph Trattoria, which is amazingly good. But, the people coming up from RI, might think it's too far.

      Waltham has Il Capricio, but don't know if you could get a reservation for 23 of you tonight.

      Burlington has a new Restaurant, Summer, Winter I believe.

      I personally don't like Polcari's except for pizza.