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May 7, 2009 11:21 AM

Ocean Grove Breakfast/Lunch suggestions?

Heading to Ocean Grove for the Art & Music Festival Saturday with my mother. Any suggestions for breakfast or lunch in Ocean Grove? Thanks! Open to all cuisines.

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  1. Nagles is a great place for both breakfast and lunch....on the corner of Main and Central Aves.

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      I like Nagles a lot for breakfast, but if you go make sure you call for a reservation so you can sit outside in their patio area.

      Also, save room for one of the delicious cupcakes from the bakery right up the block.

    2. Had a delicious lunch at Seagrass on Main Avenue a couple of weeks ago. We sat at te tables outside on a delightful afternoon (I have forgotten what the sun looks like) and my family enjoyed the following: Warm Calamari Salad, Shrimp & Goat Cheese Quesadilla and a Pulled Pork Sandwich. All were delicious. It was our first time trying Seagrass for lunch. We had previously been there for dinner and were very impressed with that. Lunch will also be on our regular summer schedule. We stopped a little later on for ice cream at Nagles. Lunch for three at Seagrass ran about $15 each including the tip. Website is

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        I'm also a fan of the Starving Artist at Day's for breakfast and lunch - it's on Olin Street, basically around the corner from Nagle's. If you are willing to venture into Asbury Park, there are lots of other options, tho for breakfast the one standout in AP is Frank's deli on Main

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          Yup, Ocean Grove or Asbury works at this point.

          thanks all.