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May 7, 2009 11:07 AM

Source for organic blood/blood sausage?

Does anyone have a source for *organic* blood for making blood sausage, authentic civet, and other blood-based dishes? Either a retail outlet or a mail-order source would be fine. And if not the blood itself, organic blood sausage?

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  1. What I usu. buy locally is not organic.
    As far as getting the organic stuff, this is probably as close as it gets:

    French style blood sausage with Piment d'Espellette
    Made from pasture raised pork and Prather Ranch pork blood, organic cream, organic breadcrumbs, organic onion, organic herbs, currants or apples, brandy, sea salt and spices.

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      Thanks, RicRios. I did a google search for organic blood/sausage before posting this question, and found Fatted Calf. Their website doesn't offer mail-order as an option, so I e-mailed them to see if it's possible, am awaiting reply.