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May 7, 2009 10:44 AM

Dining in Vancouver & Vancouver Island


We'll be traveling to Vancouver and Vancouver Island next week for what will hopefully be a food-based vacation. We're not looking for fine dining-- we have plenty of that at home in San Francisco-- but we are interested in finding tasty, inexpensive-to-moderate, perhaps ethnic, spots that locals love. Here's our itinerary:

Friday-Monday: Vancouver
Tuesday-Wednesday: Tofino
Thursday: Duncan
Friday-Sunday: Sooke/Victoria

In Vancouver, we are definitely going to Bin941, and also perhaps the following: Vij's or next door; Go Fish; Tojo's; Salt Tasting Room; Sanafir; Banana Leaf; Guu or Guu with Garlic. Any thoughts on these places, or others in Vancouver and on the Island?

Thanks so much chowhounds!


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  1. The best thread I've seen on Victoria food has been active in the last few days. I highly recommend you look over this thread:

    The Vancouver picks seem pretty good. I love Vij's, Go Fish and Salt. Banana Leaf is pretty good. Tojo's is very expensive. Others might have other recs for your regarding sushi in town of similar calibre but for a lot less. I would say look at Lime, Ajisai and Octopus Garden for good sushi. Guu comes with glowing recommendations on the board here. I'll leave it to others for Tofino and Duncan recs. However, the Merridale Cidery is just south of Duncan. If you're into tasty cider, I would recommend checking it out.

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      japadog for something unique and tasty

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        For Tofino: Sobo, Wildside Grill (I have not been but I hear good things), The Pointe (fine dining at the edge of the world ), Shelter (gastropub ).

        Like Peter said, your Vancovuer picks are good. I'm not a huge fan of the food at Sanafir, personally. Great space though.

      2. Anton's is an Italian place on Hastings that I always visit when I'm in Vancouver. You should also try to eat in Richmond, there is lots of fantastic Chinese food there.

        1. I'm not huge on Sanafir and while Bin is fine, I think there are much better options at that price range and style.

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            Thanks to everyone for all the tips. Cancuk, can you recommend something that is a "better option"?