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May 7, 2009 10:36 AM

Solomons Island/Calvert County Dining

Its been a while since I've been in that area, but I'm hoping to find someplace for brunch this Sunday. Back in the day, the Solomons Pier had a great brunch, but it's been bought by Stoney's and they no longer serve brunch. Anyone have any suggestions? Can be anywhere in Calvert County, really; not necessarily in Solomons.

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  1. The Westlawn Inn, in North Beach serves brunch off a menu, not the buffet variety. I don't know if Vincenzo's in Solomon's (follow the road that goes past Anne Marie Gardens all the way around until you hit the marina area, then look for the signs) does brunch, but if they do, I'd bet it would be good.

    In any case, I'd say call now for reservations wherever you're going - most places that are any good at all will be packed for Mothers Day.

    1. Anywhere but the Rod n Reel.....

      1. There is only ONE place in Solomons Island that you want to go to: the Dry Dock. Specifically, you want to sit outside; there are about five or six four tops that face out on the harbor, you want to sit at one of these. The ambience is incredible. Their food is excellent including an incredible "shrimp amarone." The Dry Dock. We've driven from Reston just to have dinner there and will do it again.

        By the way, Stoney's in Solomon's has nothing in common with the original Stoney's on Broome Island.

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          1. re: Joe H

            Hi, I know this is an old thread but.... Stoney's Kingfishers Restaurant, Solomons Pier Restaurant (both in Solomons Island) and Stoney's at Broomes Island are all owned and operated by the same owners. They are fantastic restaurants and are owned by very conscientous people. Maybe you had an off day...let them know, they'll make it right. Incidentally, Stoney's in Prince Frederick (by Giant, Applebees) is NOT owned by the same people.

            1. re: Joe H

              IF CD Cafe is still going then it's a great option as well - especially for lunch (which last time I was there Dry Dock did not do). CD was/is(?) owned and run by two folks who were at Dry Dock for a long time. AFAIK they don't "compete" head to head, mainly on the hours of operation.

              Note that my direct info has now aged a few years.

            2. fished out of Solomons this week and had a very good jumbo crab cake at Stoneys and a very bad, fishy tasting and overly battered soft shell sandwich that was not edible.

              1. Since this seems to be the only Calvert County thread, I will report here that there are some new good dining options in the area. First, though, CD Cafe on Solomons is still excellent. It is small but if you have to wait it's pleasant to have a drink and perhaps an appetizer in the adjacent bar room. Stoney's Broomes Island location is a lot of fun, great crabcakes (and other dishes) and great atmosphere by the water. However, Jerry's Place in Prince Frederick has grabbed the "best in the world" crabcake/soft shell crown from Stoney's, if you don't mind eating in a small dining room adjoining the Mr. Tire building with a crowd outside waiting to get in. Saphron has opened where the Old Field Inn had been in downtown Prince Frederick with an excellent (if a bit pricey for the area) Low Country menu. Still some minor hitches in the service, but overall a great addition to upscale area dining and well worth a visit.

                Saphron Restaurant
                Prince Frederick, MD, Prince Frederick, MD

                Old Field Inn
                485 Main St, Prince Frederick, MD 20678

                Jerry's Place
                1541 Solomons Island Rd S, Prince Frederick, MD 20678

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                1. re: Larry Miller

                  I was at Stonys Kingfisher on Friday..........ugh........

                  1. re: maypo

                    Just so those not familiar with the area are aware, Stoney's Kingfishers is on Solomons Island and one of two Stoney's there. Solomons is about 20 miles by car from the Broomes Island location that I mentioned. I don't know just what was "ugh-ly" about your meal, but while the Solomons and Broomes Island locations are commonly owned, they are very different. Anyway, if you make it up to Prince Frederick, give Jerry's a try.

                    1. re: Larry Miller

                      Realizing this is an older thread..yet seems to be the only one for the area.
                      We will be staying in Lexington Park, and visiting St Mary's this coming week. I realize it's mid march and so things might be "seasonally closed"

                      Looking for raw bar options, soft shell crab etc.
                      Thanks for any updates.

                      1. re: fogfog

                        Cross the bridge into Calvert.......Jerrys Place in Prince Frederick.......Stoneys in Solomons....

                        1. re: maypo

                          This thread is quite old (and I do want to revisit the area) but based on the subpar food and awful service then at both Stoney's near or at Solomon's, I'd pass on them. I do recall one report a couple of years back saying Clarke's had gone downhill some, but I don't recall that it was a report of a disaster. And I've heard nothing else since.


                        2. re: fogfog

                          I would give up on looking for "raw bar options, soft shell crab etc" and try to find a decent burger.

                          You would have better oysters up in DC where they will be well sourced, and even though this winter was unusually warm I doubt anybody has local sofshells yet.

                          1. re: drewpbalzac

                            I go to Solomons several times a year mostly to fish the bay its slim picks as far as chowhound quality food.

                            1. re: agarnett100

                              Repeating my recommendation from last August, The CD Cafe - - on Solomons Island Road is your best bet and Chowhound worthy.

                              1. re: Larry Miller

                                As well as my rec for CD (in May - Larry, I beat you by 3 months!)