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May 7, 2009 10:16 AM

Quiet Bars & Restaurants

I'm planning to get together with some people on an upcoming Friday. There will probably be 6 in our party. Does anyone know of a nice quiet bar or restaurant in Austin? Someone has already suggested Jeffery's. I looked at the menu and it seems a little pricey. I know that sometimes pricey and quiet go together.

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  1. Cru downtown has been quiet and nice for that size when I've been. Haven't tried the one in the domain yet. Plus lots of tapas style plates to share

    1. How about Chez Nous? I wouldn't suggest it for more than 6, but 6 should be fine. It is mellow, comfortable, and the food's good and not too pricey.

      1. Sampaios up on north Burnet is about as quiet as you can get. Also after a certain time they have half price appetizers. I tried the empanada like thing and the mussels. Both were good, mussels better. They make a good capairhina, or whatever.

        1. There are plenty of great quiet places in Austin, just don't be a slave to the popular hours like everyone else seems to be. This is actually a great town to work in public locations with wifi and no feeling that you are wasting space... you can make an office of many places and feel welcome!

          Friday... go out before 7pm most places and you have some great choices.

          If you want after 7pm... consider a home picnic or do something creative like a coffee shop (Cafe Caffeine) that will let you bring in outside food. But wanting quiet in this town on Friday night is extremely limiting your popular choices. Either exclusive/expensive, out of the way, or not so good. In Austin, people mostly seem to ENJOY the crowds! ;) Just a matter if you like loud live music or loud people.

          Loud/very noisy crowds are not my thing. I have my spots I sometimes go at the prime times, but in Austin it's often unpredictable on any given Friday night which one will be busy and which one will be crazy. Can depend on citywide events, weather, season, music event, sports events, college schedule, etc.. And sometimes you wonder if overcrowded one weekend results in people not going the next - and that's why it seems random ;) So I tend to have backup places I'll shift over to.

          Places I can toss out that have decent food but might be manageable at 7pm. It helps if you are flexible on taking advantage of the barspace, outside space, etc. { Saba Blue Water, Houston's, Opal Divine's, certain rooms at Coal Creek Saloon, Screaming Goat, Shady Grove [busy, but not always too loud], Giovanni's Pizza Stand, Hot Boiled on Palmer. } there are lots of places, but again, it is a probability game on a given Friday.

          1. Thanks for all of the suggestions. We ended up going to The Shoreline Grill for drinks. We didn't stay for dinner because the other people in our party wanted Sushi. For dinner, we ended up at Kyoto. The Shoreline Grill menu looked good though; so we plan to return.

            As for the quiet factor, the Shoreline Grill is great. There were people sitting at tables relatively close to ours and yet the acoustics were such that it was never a problem. Also, the lake view is very nice and the parking was validated (enter the parking lot on Brazos, south of Cesar Chavez). We were there during happy hour. They have some nice deals on drinks and food weekdays from 4 to 7pm:


            As far as Kyoto, it wasn't too loud and the sushi was fresh. It wasn't that quiet but not overly loud like Uchi.