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May 7, 2009 09:48 AM

Rec's for two days in Beaune?

I recently posted re: paris, but before that I will be in Beaune for Tuesday and Wednesday in late May. I have a car. Any must-sees? I'll be with the owners of Bouchard Pere e Fils on Tuesday and I believe they're taking me to dinner, but I have all day Wednesday to myself. What would you do with such limited time?

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  1. Don't miss Ma Cuisine, very simple but absolutely delicious! Their 'menu' is a good value for money deal. Le Bistro Bourguignon has a nice atmosphere, jazz music (sometimes live) and good food.

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      We also would not miss Ma Cuisine. The food, the welcome, the wine, the ambiance are just the best. and the price is right.

      La Cave des Arches is waaaaaaaaaaaay downstairs in a real wine cave, and is also nice, but not in Ma Cuisine's class.