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May 7, 2009 09:34 AM

Po' Boys?

Just back from New Orleans, and aside from seeking a decent sazerac cocktail as noted in another posting, there are other things I am missing. Po' Boys...well, while sipping abovementioned cocktail at Eastern Standard I noticed they serve an oyster po' boy. Anyone tried this? Any other recommendations in the area for at least a decent rendition of this classic sandwich? I'm still tasting the softshell crab one I had at the fairgrounds in NOLA during jazz fest.

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  1. Strip T's in Watertown has featured SSC PB's on their nightly spec'ls blackboard in the past. Give them a call.

    1. None of these will make you forget NOLA, but:

      Pops in the South End does fried shrimp and fried oyster versions that are tasty in their own right.

      Highland Kitchen does (or did) a very nice catfish version.

      When it's on the menu, the fried oyster po' boy at Neptune is simple and very good, though I once again object to their use of a brioche roll, a trend I really, really want to die in this town. Burgers, lobster salad, and fried oysters do not benefit from brioche, in my book.

      Eastern Standard has one on their lunch menu, but I haven't tried it.

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        The vitello tonato sandwich at Neptune uses brioche as the bread, to its detriment. Totally overwhelms the thing.

        1. re: MC Slim JB

          Have to disagree on the Highland Kitchen rec. Everytime I've had it they put too much of the blackening spice and it is pretty much inedible. It has been several months since I last tried it though.

        2. All Star Sandwich bar does an ok one too. I think it's a special.

          1. Beware the poboys at Redbones. They are not at all what you'd expect when you order a poboy. They're served on a New England-style hot dog bun, for crying out loud!

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              I love the eclectic Redbones (BBQ and Belgian beers?) as much as anyone, but has to agree this is a travesty. I naively ordered the oyster po-boy once - it is a sandwich, but a po-boy? Nope.

            2. Tonight Gargoyles had a soft shell po boy as the special. My partner had it and enjoyed it...although left most of the bread behind...

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              1. re: RoseWethersfield

                After a day at the Volvo Sail Races at Fan Pier, went to the Barking Crab.....I know, I know, but the spouse and I were thirsty for a beer and wanted out of the crowds. Believe it or not, we sat in the section with the ol' pot belley stove and had a po' boy, a crab cake sanwich and a few Allagashes apiece. It was dang good. Not a po boy like I've had in Savannah, but very enoyable. And the crabcake sandwich was a complete surprise (in a good way).