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May 7, 2009 09:33 AM

Solo dining tomorrow


I am looking for a restaurant to dine alone tomorrow in downtown. Places that I am considering are Harbord Room, Starfish and Weezie's. But these places are popular and I am not sure how will they treat solo diner on a friday night. One top of that, I am not a drinker due to health reason. I don't want to start my weekend with snobby services. Which restaurant do you think is the best for dining alone? Other suggestions are also welcomed.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. How about JK Wine Bar? You could sit at the bar that overlooks the front-of-house kitchen.

    1. You'll be fine at Starfish. Take a seat at the Oyster bar and I'm sure you'll have a great evening!

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        Second Starfish! Love seating at the oyster bar, watch and chat with the shucker. Apart from the great oysters, the cooked food are well executed as well.

      2. The bar at Cava is a good experience.

        1. In order to encourage good service and non-snobbiness from servers, I'd be likely to order non-alchoholic drinks and/or sparkling water at any restaurant if I wasn't drinking, rather than just requesting tap water. I do the same thing if I'm only ordering 2 starters instead of a starter and a main. It's my hope that by doing this, the server realizes I'm not trying to be frugal- there's another reason that I'm either not drinking or not ordering as much food.

          Harbord Room has a bar, where a solo diner could sit & eat. The regular tables are probably already reserved, since it's an it spot right now and quite tiny, but they don't don't take reservations for the bar, as far as I know. The owner and manager (at least I think he was the manager) are outgoing, in fact, I ended up talking ot both of them last time I dined at the bar. I'd call ahead to check if they'd anticipate room at the bar (that's what I did on a Friday night & it worked out for me)

          Haven't dined at Starfish alone, but would think it would be a friendly place to sit and eat at the bar, too. Or JKWB, as suggested by Tatai.

          Haven't tried Weezie's yet, but I walked by the other night and it looks more like a place I'd want to go on a date, than a place where I'd go if I wanted to dine by myself.

          I really like the food at Cava- but didn't realize they have a bar where you can sit & eat. Will have to try it out one of these days.

          1. I second JKWB and sit at the bar. Re Weezie's, the one time we were there, there was a person dining solo sitting at one of the other tables, so I'd not hesitate dining alone there as well.