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May 7, 2009 09:29 AM

Sushi in Boulder County???

We're looking for good sushi in Boulder County. We liked Sushi Mara a lot but it seems to have gone downhill since Mara left. Driving into Boulder is fine (and I'd be happy to get your take on the various places on Pearl Street) but is there someplace else you really like in the Louisville/Lafayette/Superior/Erie area? Maybe Longmont as well?

Much thanks

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  1. I only know City of Boulder. Sushi Tora is probably the most traditional, has the best fish, but is also the most expensive. The other 3 (there are technically more than 3, but these are the places everyone knows) are less traditional (eg have more of the un-sushi-like -- but delicious -- rolls), and everyone has their own order of likes and dislikes. For me, from favorite to least favorite, is Zanmai, Japango, Hapa, but ask a different Boulderite and you'll get a different order.

    1. It's been > 1 year since we've been there but really enjoyed the service and fish at Sakura in Longmont.

      1. Whatever you do, avoid Sumida's Sushi (in the Siamese Plate building - inedible and served us a sake flask full of dishwater last time) and Yaki Maki (not inedible, but not very good), both in Boulder.

        Zanmai is my favorite local sushi shop, but partially for the fun atmosphere - Sushi Tora usually has better fish (but a stripmall ambiance). Hapa and Japango are, in my opinion, both a step down from Zanmai or Tora.

        Sorry I don't know much about sushi beyond Boulder, except that if you can get to Sushi Den or Izakaya Den, it's worth the drive!

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          Sushi Tora (indeed traditionaland very good); Hapa Sushi and Japango (across from each other on the Pearl Street Mall and modern), Sushi Zanmai (lively, fun and good food), Yaki Maki (which I've never been to) and Kava (I think that's the name, but I haven't been there either) are wll w/in a few blocks of each other downtown. Just east on Pearl is Moongate Asian Bistro, which has added a small sushi bar (never had theirs). I agree the Sumida's isn't very good -- kind of like prepackaged supermarket suski. Akiyama in Gunbarrel is pretty good too, but I am put off by being charged extra for a pot of tea.

        2. First a disclaimer, I worked at Sushi Mara for many years as a server and now manage Sushi Tora. Having said that though, I would go to Jianken in Prospect. The owners worked with me at Sushi Mara and are extremely talented chefs. Very cool interior, great service and incredibly delicious food!

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            Oh, I missed this when it was posted but have since moved quite near Prospect. I'll have to give this a try. Soon, I hope!

          2. Bump - Staying in Louisville this weekend. Daughter pining for sushi - does not have to be Tora 'upscaleness' (she loves crunchy rolls -aargh!!), but husband definitely more discerning re: quality. Trying to avoid downtown Boulder as Parent's weekend. Any suggestions?