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Eat like a local in Birmingham, Troy MI?

Hey guys, I will be pulling a trip to the Birmingham, Troy area 2 weeks from now, any spots I should hit? I want the dives, diners and local spots. Not the touristy spots. just good food really, What is a must when visiting the area?

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  1. The best Oakland County hot dog shack is Hippos in Troy. Have a good time while you're here


    1. Noble fish is in Clawson for sushi but it is only two miles South of Troy. Troy and Birmingham are both pretty upscale areas so "dives" are pretty slim pickings. Far more suburban than "touristy". Then again there's bound to be a fudge shop in Birmingham.
      Local fare in this area is fairly high end.

      1. Hunter House in Birmingham on Woodward for sliders.

          1. Recipes in Troy, for breakfast or lunch. It's on Crooks Rd just south of Big Beaver (16 Mile) on the west side.

            1. It's nearby, but not Troy/Birmingham:

              Glad that someone mentioned both Recipes and Noble Fish

              Modern Food & Spirits in Keego Harbor

              Pasta Fagioli in Bloomfield Hills

              Fly Trap in Ferndale

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                Now I'm getting all ticked at myself for always forgetting about Recipes in Troy. I *never* remember that it's there, and I'm always wanting to try it whenever I see a post about it here on CH. I *really* want to see what the fuss is about.

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                  what about bars, places to go drink? Any good spots around?

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                    Dick O'dows in B'ham is an Irish bar, nice atmosphere. Downtown B'ham on a pleasant evening is pretty lively

                    Nearby downtown Royal Oak is also fun to walk around if the weather's nice. Lots of bars and restos.

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                      black lotus in clawson (corner of 14 mile & livernois) - brew pub, laid back, hip vibe, one big screen tv in case there is a big game on, sometimes live music, nice people, food is decent - not prectacular but decent, but most of all - they make some very good beer. get there soon and try their excellent seasonal dark mexican lager. they roll it out for cinco de mayo. the brewmaster makes two batches and then it is gone.

                      other recs:

                      alibi pizza in troy

                      assaggi in ferndale

                      beverly hills grill in beverly hills (two miles south of downtown b'ham)

                      tavern on 13 in beverly hills (went yesterday and had a really nice piece of miso glazed whitfish w/brown rice and an asian slaw for $13)

                      red coat in roayal oak for burgers

                      sushi: noble fish in clawson (two doors away from black lotus) or sushi cafe in troy

                      mon jin lau in troy for ecclectic asian/fusion

                      picanos or francos in troy for italian

                      rochester chop house or larco's for a steak option other than morton's, ruth's, shula's, or capitol

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                    Another of my favorites in Ferndale is Christine's Cuisine. They balance
                    their typical-MI-diner-menu with daily specials, that are something
                    special. I wish they'd add a few of their daily specials to the regular


                  3. Red Coat in Royal Oak for burgers.

                    1. For pizza, I reccomend Brooklyn pizza in Birmingham or My Cousins New York Pizzeria up Woodward in Bloomfield Hills.

                      Hippos is the best for loca dogs in the area for a non-coney style dog joint.

                      1. Will try this place next week, so I'll write back if I remember. Toast with locations in Birmingham and Ferndale is supposed to be really good.

                        A must try place very close to Birmingham is the Bevery Hills Grill. This place is delicious for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It a small building so it's easy to miss. I even know where it's at and I passed it the last time I was there.

                        1. Metro Times has been pushing the Maple Leaf Diner in B'ham--anyone tried it?

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                            Was there a few times for breakfast. Menu was good. They have a more upscale/modern menu for breakfast. It's been over a year since I was there as I was put off by their ventilation system....each time I came out I smelled like I was the fried special of the morning. Didn't like smelling like that all day. They may have modified it by now, but I'm a bigger Fly Trap and Toast fan so I tend head those places instead.