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May 7, 2009 09:12 AM

Eat like a local in Birmingham, Troy MI?

Hey guys, I will be pulling a trip to the Birmingham, Troy area 2 weeks from now, any spots I should hit? I want the dives, diners and local spots. Not the touristy spots. just good food really, What is a must when visiting the area?

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  1. The best Oakland County hot dog shack is Hippos in Troy. Have a good time while you're here

    1. Noble fish is in Clawson for sushi but it is only two miles South of Troy. Troy and Birmingham are both pretty upscale areas so "dives" are pretty slim pickings. Far more suburban than "touristy". Then again there's bound to be a fudge shop in Birmingham.
      Local fare in this area is fairly high end.

      1. Hunter House in Birmingham on Woodward for sliders.

          1. Recipes in Troy, for breakfast or lunch. It's on Crooks Rd just south of Big Beaver (16 Mile) on the west side.