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May 7, 2009 08:12 AM

Hot Oven Bakery @ Cloverdale Mall

Hello all,

I've just recently discovered this bakery and I was curious if others here have tried it and could recommend what's good.

I've tried their bread, which is quite nice (all-grain and challah), as well as the sour cherry danish (great!)... but my boyfriend tried the cinnamon twisty and it was too yeasty.

A quick search here also shows that the butter tarts are hit and miss.

Any suggestions?

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  1. HOB is also in Bloor West Village at Runnymede (formerly Sunglow location), and will be opening ithe Kingsway on Bloor.

    Their savoury pot pies are usually pretty good.

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    1. re: Dean Tudor

      I stopped going to the Bloor West Village location because they don't wear gloves when you ask them to slice the bread (i.e. they are touching the money, and god knows what else and the bread). Also, there are no tongs for buns and I saw people going through breads and putting back on the shelf.

      1. re: blue bike

        did they lick it too? they wear gloves i'm there all the time : S

        1. re: blue bike

          The staff has been extremely careful about using plastic bags to touch the bread when handling it the 4-5 times I've been there.

          1. re: Manybears

            They wear only one glove and they did touch the bread with the other hand while lifting it up from the slicing machine. And not just one time. So I don't think it's an isolated incident.

      2. I go to the BWV one all the time - love the olive boule, the asiago and cracked pepper bread, chocolate croissants......

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        1. re: burningrome

          Their large pans of turkey and chicken pot pies are exceptionally good if you need to feed a group effortlessly. Get extra because everyone will want seconds.

        2. I agree with the recommendations for the pot pies, they're great.

          Hot Oven
          250 The East Mall, Toronto, ON M9B, CA

          1. I gotta chime in and say the chicken pot pies as well. Lots of moist chicken, flaky pastry and not runny with gravy. They also make a very good lemon meringue pie, date squares, and cheese sticks. Their birthday cakes used to be good but I myself haven't purchased one in many years. I make a point of stopping in whenever I'm in that part of town. You can judge how good it is by the line-ups to get served; has been like that for decades even though the owner has changed a few times.

            1. Try the orange chiffon cake (I think that's what it's called). Deeeelicious. Nice orange flavour and I love the texture.

              I also enjoy their shortbread cookies. Haven't tried the Bloor outlet yet, but have been eating from the Cloverdale mall location for over 20 years.