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Jul 26, 2004 05:42 PM

Authentic Chinese Food in LA

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I am looking for authentic Chinese food in LA. I have read about Yang Chow and Mon Kee's in Chinatown. Does anyone know anything about these places?

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  1. All I know is that Yang Chow and Mon Kee's are NOT authentic Chinese food.

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    1. re: ipse dixit

      Really? Mon Kee not authentic?
      The one downtown was pretty "authentic" as I recall. Get frog, giant clam, whole fish steamed with ginger and scallions etc.

      I wrote some stuff a while back with several examples for all six major cuisines and some minor ones like Dongbei and Hunan. If you can more specific as to which "authentic" cuisine you'd like, we can be more helpful.

      For something different, check out heavy noodling (shanxi daoshao mian) on Garvey in Monterey Park. Try the "cat's ears" noodles. Authentic, but Shanxi province.

      Also, in chinatown, fooChow has some real Fujian dishes - ask for the chicken in rice wine lees sauce, or the soup with fish balls.

      1. re: Jerome

        I'm curious about this "stuff" you wrote a while back about different types of Chinese food - was it relating to LA restaurants? If so, was it posted on this board? (I couldn't seem to find it by searching by your name...) Thanks for the help!

        1. re: Lambretta76

          Here's a link to an older post that has links to older posts. About half of the examples I've listed have closed. So you may need to look at more recent posts.

          Some specific info at

          There's others, but maybe someone else can find them more easily.


        2. re: Jerome

          I have never found Mon Kee's to be anything other than one step up from a Panda Express with real silverware, as opposed to plastic knives and forks.

          Daosho Mian on Garvey is quite good, although it was much better prior to moving to this new location. I think the place changed chefs somewhere along the line.

          1. re: ipse dixit
            jerome (followup)

            I've only eaten at the MonKee on Spring St. No great ambience when I ate there, which was some time ago. Given the wide variety of seafood available, and frogs, it seemed a world away from Panda Express to me. Geoduck isn't that readily available at Panda Express, I thought.

            But, I haven't been in a while. What places do you find remind you of food as served in China, or by Chinese at home (which shouldn't be that similar to restaurant food)?

          2. re: Jerome

            HI Jerome, interesting that you mentioned a Fujian restaurant. Do you know of a good Chow Chou (Teochew) restaurant in LA county? The only one that I've like so far is 888, which only has a few Chow Chou dishes. Thanks!

            1. re: KenT

              There used to be a place in CHinatown called chiuchow. 888 is (really, primarily) a yuecai cantonese seafood place with a few chiu chow dishes. You might want to check some of the malaysian and singaporean places - they might have a few chiuchow (chaozhou) dishes as well.

              1. re: Jerome

                can you rec. some malay and singaporean restaurants, any area, perhaps slanted towards the Indian influence?

                1. re: non veg

                  You know- I know a few but there are others here who won't read this link, so PLEASE repost it as a new thread and you'll get some response, or a better response than re(5) authentic chinese food in LA will get. And my choices aren't that extensive since I'm not really well acquainted with the cuisine - I do know you can get laksa.

                  1. re: non veg

                    My Singaporean friend always takes me to a Malaysian Chinese place in Alhambra on Main Street called Yasmin. I've also been to the Banana Leaf Cafe at the Farmer's Market in L.A. which serves fast food style Singaporean dishes, its run by a Jewish family from Singapore. There's also Kuala Lumpur and Nonya in Pasadena, and in West Covina or Azusa (not sure which) there is a branch of Penang's which I think originated in Washington DC. I can't quite vouch for these last few -- I haven't been to them in quite a while.

          3. Suggest you read post directly below entitled "Oriental Pearl" for suggestions on "authentic" Chinese food, if you like Szechwan food.
            Oriental Pearl is at 621 W. Main St., Alhambra.

            If you are really looking for authentic, suggest you also try:
            Dim Sum - Sea Harbour, Rosemead
            Szechuan - Chung King, Monterey Park
            Hunan - Shiang Garden, Monterey Park

            If you really want to stay in Chinatown, Full House and Empress Pavilion are slightly higher up the authenticity chain than Yang Chow.

            1. Didn't we all get over 'authenticity' around the same time we got over ' "" ' back in the '80s? There is no there there. I believe you will get more helpful answers if you will indicate what you are looking for in more specific detail.