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May 7, 2009 07:37 AM


Went to Graziella last night before heading to Cirque du soleil. Really enjoyed the meal. The service was friendly and professional, the place looks great. First, of we had prosciutto di Parma drizzled with olive oil and top with a little ball of fresh dill flavored mascarpone. Really enjoyed this dish. The ham was melting and sorta sweet and the mascarpone was delicious. The soup that the GF had was also good. SImple well concentrated chicken stock with bread, cheese and pancetta pasta (can't recall the name). Simple and good. The ricotta gnocchis served in a light yet tasty tomato and basil sauce were amazing, among the best I've tasted. Light and fluffly, picture eating a cloud that's how they felt. I had pastas with rabbit ragu and parmesan. Again, the pastas were splendid and the rabbit was well cooked and meting in my mouth. Portions were quite generous and we didn't finished them to spare some place for a a truely velvety vanilla panacotta served alongside caramelized apples with rosemary. The rosemary was not overpowering and the apple cubes were still crunchy in the middle. Light and delicious. All that plus 2 glasses of wine, one bottle of sparking water, taxes and tip for $135. We'll go back for sure.

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  1. I'm using this post as an excuse to ask the question I've been wondering for a while: Does Graziella have a lunch special? I work in the area and have been dying for any excuse to try it out.

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      I've seen something in the window. I do believe it's $25 but don't know what it includes. I remember eading something a while ago aobut a app and a main. Dessert would be extra. Sounds like a great deal to me as the mains are all over the $20 mark and the apps are $10 plus.

    2. I found Graziella to be really ....underwhelming. Decent Italian fare, so so ambiance.

      After all the hype I was extremely disappointed and thought the stewed Rabbit dish was really ordinary

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        I went twice for supper in March 2008 and April 2009.

        Last time, I had arugula salad which I sent back because it was way to salty (and I like salty food) and the ravioli were a bit oily. The food is OK but nothing to write home about. Sadly, I have better impressions when Graziella was at Il Sole.

        For italian food, I prefer Rugantino on boulevard St-Laurent corner St-Viateur.

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          I've been there twice, for the lunch special. Once in Aug 08 and once in Feb 09. The first time, we were absolutely "wowed". For example, a seemingly simple entry like eggplant and tomato salad was just out of this world. The second time we went, it was good but we too were underwhelmed.