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May 7, 2009 07:36 AM

Atlantic City Boardwalk?

Looking for the best restaurant near Taj Mahal on the Boardwalk (or just off the Boardwalk). If nothing's better than the celebrity chef joints in Borgata, that would be nice to know. I did not read the review of Chef Vola in detail (just noted the part where they don't serve booze and only accepts cash). I would like to go somewhere that accepts credit cards and serves booze.

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  1. Restaurants near the Taj Mahal -
    Ruth Chris Steak House

    Celebrity Restaurants at the Borgata, some might say they ARE indeed the best that Atlantic City has to offer.

    Here is chowhound post about Borgata restaurants to read, many have enjoyed their dining experience.

    Here is a recent chowhound post about some non hotel restaurants in AC

    Definitely take the time to read the full review about Chef Vola's -
    It was written so well - If walls could talk!

    Good Luck!

    1. I'll be heading down to Atlantic City in a few weeks for a concert. Anyone have any suggestions for something cheap and casual before the show?

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        whitehouse subs says jim from so cal

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          whitehouse subs i said it again

      2. The Irish Pub is my favorite place for inexpensive eats on the Boardwalk in AC. I have been there many times and have recommended the place to many people. The Irish Pub is always a good bet in Atlantic City.

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          Absolutely. No trip to Atlantic City is complete without a round at The Irish Pub, and an Italian sub from White House.

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            Is this the Irish Pub next to the Tropicana? And just wondering if anyone has tried the diner that is next to the Chelsea Hotel.

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              Opa was closed when I was in AC three weeks ago but I'm hoping they were just renovating or something.

              We tried a new place called Evo that was quite good.

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                OPA was closed when I was there in Dec. They are closed for good and their telephone number disconnected. Their location was going to be part of the new casino/hotel that was being built behind them., and they were hanging on month to month of being pushed out of the location. They told me last time I was there that they were going to try to find a new location. In this economy, I guess it wasn't feasible. Real shame they closed. Was my favorite restaurant in AC.

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                No. The Irish Pub is on Saint James' Place, between Resorts and the Claridge (Bally's). Haven't been to the diner next to the Chelsea, but I've heard that Teplitzky's (in the Chelsea) is very good.

          2. There are not that many good restaurants near the Taj, but if you like Indian, the Royal Albert Palace is very good, located in the Taj itself. someone mentioned Opa, but it's closed for good.

            1. We're actuallyg going to stay at Showboat in a couple of weeks. Would prefer something within walking distance. I actually have a reservation at Cuba Libre although I really prefer something more local and upscale.

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                Ericandblueboy: I've been to Cuba Libre, it's ok - more like a chain place though (is it a chain?); i dont know if i would revisit since there's so many other places. Also was in AC last week, went to Buddakan. Overrated. Food was very good but nothing spectacular. I cant help near Taj, all the casino restaurants seem to equal to the same except the Borgata and those are $$$$$ -cant wait to go there :). R u Willing to try Docks, just off the boardwalk but prob a 3 min cabride away unless you're good walkers. they have a license, take credit cards and u can make a resv thru Opentable on their website. They get great reviews, Im sorry I didnt go there instead last time around. post where you ended up, enjoy.