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May 7, 2009 07:20 AM

"Molinari's" in Neptune

Can anyone tell me about "Molinari's" in Neptune? I live near there, but We have never tried it.

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  1. Frankie,

    I've been here several times and have had some very good meals- Great for the standards like veal parm, linguini w clam sauce, etc... and great meatball subs!! This is my go-to place since my favorite, Attilio's in Ocean , closed up shop and moved to Southern Ocean County

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    1. re: paulispumonti

      Thanks, we'll check it out. Is it BYOB ????? does it have at least a littlt bit of atmosphere?? what's the average age of the clientele??

      1. re: FrankieT945

        Molinari's Restaurant, Pizza & Bar is not a BYO as it is part of the Bilow Bar and liqueur store which is located next door and is a relic right out of the fifties complete with sunken bar with captain's chairs. Their italian food is decent and the bar makes a very nice burger grilled at the bar right in front of you. The one thing that you will not find here is atmosphere at the restaurant and unless you like the nostalgic aspect of the sunken bar sitting in the middle of the licqueur store, sorry your are out of luck.

        1. re: JerzeyShore

          sounds interesting, maybe we'll try it as a goof. Thank You !

    2. Back in the days when smoking was permitted in bars (funny, it hasn't been that long but it seems so foreign now), Molinari's was probably the single most dank and depressing establishment at the Shore. It was windowless, thus, even by day, the only light came from the silent televisions - broadcasting either the Weather Channel or ESPN. The dense cigarette clouds could offend even a pack-a-day smoker. I never thought to eat there and so cannot comment on the food. The atmosphere was such that it would annihilate any appetite!

      My Mother has subsequently moved from Shark River and thus I have no reason to be in the area, much less try to kill some time at Molinari's. In my mind, however, I will remember it as an oppressive and life-extracting place -- one that made Kelley's seem like Chuck-e-Cheese!

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      1. re: MGZ

        I think there is a bit of confusion over Molinari's being Bilow!
        Molinari's is a small place attached to the stated windowless, smokey, captain chair bar!

        1. re: tuxedo

          No confusion here - just look at Molinari,s web site
          The place is called Molinari's Restaurant, Pizza & Bar which happens to be the bar
          located in Bilows. We realize that they also have a space next door if you do not care to sit in the bar area, but the the establishment is one in the same. Same food, same wait staff and same owner.

          1. re: JerzeyShore

            It seemed that everyone was focused on Molinari's being only the bar place when in fact the small space next door is very different & apart from the bar/liquor store area

            1. re: tuxedo

              Yikes, seems to depend on who you ask. I live so close, I'll just check it out. Thanks for all the help. This site is great.

              1. re: FrankieT945

                Try it out Frankie, and let us know what you think- It is separate from the Bar-you won't even know there is a bar next door....

                Post your review- look forward to it