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May 7, 2009 06:59 AM

b-day in Central Square

I'm finally out of my 40'th year of life (it was a loooong one) and I'm being taken out for lunch. We have to stay in Central Square for a business meeting at 3:00. What restaurants have been particularly good there recently?

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  1. Lunch is challenging, since most of the nicest places in CS aren't open for lunch. I would go to Garden at the Cellar, which is halfway to Harvard Sq. Miracle of Science is also good, but isn't quite a celebrate your 40th kind of place, IMO.

    But Central is right on the Red line--would you consider going a stop in either direction? You'd have more options.

    1. Second Garden at the Cellar. I love the croquettes, the beet salad and all the flat bread pizzas. My husband usually orders the Cubano, which is very good. Check it out... nice lunch venue... pleasant and good food.

      1. Cellar at the Garden is quite good. If you like seafood, try Rendzevous. Craigie on Main (formerly Craigie Street Bistro) just moved to Central Square...if someone's paying for your meal, you might want to go there because it's one of the nicest restaurants in Central Square.

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          Neither Rendezvous nor Craigie on Main are open for lunch.

        2. Central Kitchen is another good choice.

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            also not open for lunch! Oh, wait I just checked--it is! It wasn't when I lived there.

            Well that's good news, and I'd totally recommend it, too.