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May 7, 2009 06:57 AM

Richmond Hill Country Golf Club

We are planning to book the "Richmond Hill county Golf Club" for our wedding this summer. Unfortunatly I could not find anything about this place in Chowhound. I must say they have been very easy to deal with and very thorough when we visited there.

Can anyone comment on their overal food / service? or the quality of their food?
has anybody been there for any function or venu.


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  1. They recently advertized in Thornhill Magazine. Seems to be dedicated to large gatherings.

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    1. re: lamaranthe

      Thanks you, but have you been there to see their service and the the quality of their meal.


      1. re: MaryToronto

        We had our wedding there in July 2007. Initially, we had a little misunderstanding with Lino, which was a shame because the rest of our experience was fantastic. We opted for the outdoor wedding site, down a little valley beside the river. We had to pay extra for the seats, but it was important to us that it was outdoors.

        We chose the traditional Italian wedding menu that included: antipasto (marinated seafood, prosciutto, tomatoes, and grilled peppers), pasta (agnolotti), main (chicken and filet mignon), salad, and dessert. We also had a sweet table that was filled with many different types of cakes and tortes.

        When we went for our tasting, after signing the contract, we were very happy at the attention to detail in the food. It was freshly prepared, the portions were a little overwhelming, and overall it was scrumptious. I was a bit anxious about the food suffering on the day of the wedding because the chef would be preparing so many more meals. However, to this day, we still have guests commenting on how they enjoyed our wedding because the food was delicious.

        Most of all the service was amazing, my wedding cake had a mishap on the way to the club. The chef fixed it and the cake was rescued. I didn't even notice that the cake had been altered when we were cutting our cake. It was only afterwards (while I was on my honeymoon) that I got the story out of my friends.

        The manager on the night of our banquet was also very professional and handled the wedding program without a hitch. We felt like we were in capable hands and I never had to worry about the service.

        Hope this helps!

        1. re: sylly

          Thanks sylly, but can I ask you which room did you have your wedding reception in as well?


          1. re: MaryToronto

            I can't remember the name of the room. We had our ceremony outdoors as mentioned above. The after ceremony reception with fingerfoods was in the larger room. We had the dinner reception in the smaller room. Our wedding was about 130 people.

            1. re: sylly

              Thanks Sylly,
              We are thinking to have the ceremony outside as well, but we are offered only the patio (beside the pool-we didn't see any river around), and have the reception inside Richmond room, which seems nice, we only have 35-40 guests though, but hopefully they teart us the same as a big group of people.

              Thaks again, your comment was very helpful.

    2. I went to a function this January there, in the large reception room. I thought the food was amazing. We had steak (the other alternative was chicken or fish). The steak was medium rare, which was exactly how my husband and I take it, the veggies were perfectly cooked, and the service was amazing. I'm normally not impressed with large banquet meals, but this one was particularily good, and I'm looking forward to next years' function.

      1. Was there yesterday for a round of golf and stopped by the clubhouse for the dinner buffet afterwards.

        My friend and I enjoyed it. There was a limited selection of food, but it was done well. The chicken parmesan, vegetarian chili and bowtie pasta with peas were simple enough but good.
        The staff were friendly and the service was good. Multiple staff checking on us and the food, to make sure everything was okay.

        1. Hi,

          I am also thinking of having my wedding at the Richmond Hill Country Golf Club too and was wondering if anyone has been there for a wedding that serve Chinese food. Any comments on the food?


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