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Best Champagne Cocktail

As a lover of champagne and champagne cocktails, I was curious if anyone had any recommendations of where to go for one in Boston.

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  1. Really, anywhere with half-decent bartending should be able to do that. Do you want a destination just for the drink, or is this for before/after some event? I'm sure you can get a good one at Eastern Standard or Green St or the current guys at No. 9, or anywhere with decent bartending (Chez Henri, Via Matta, Rendezvous, Craigie on Main, etc etc etc.) There are places everywhere, so be more specific if you'd like better responses.

    For a champagne cocktail variation, I'm a big fan of the Seelbach, reintroduced to Boston by the No. 9 crew, now at Drink.

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      I would second any of these- additionally Ive had specifically good champagne cocktails at Sel De La Terre and at Mare...

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        I had the CBGB at Sel de la Terre on Sat., champagne w/ ginger and honey. It was nice. I think I was expecting it in a cocktail glass rather than a flute. The poire cocktail was nice too. While their fries are super tasty, you're getting the tiniest bits of fries. There's shoestring and there's whatever these are, half a shoestring. Arancini were fine, choc cake was super rich, fun looking out over a pouring Boylston St.

    2. Are you only looking for a classic sugar-and-bitters drink, or just cocktails made with sparkling wine? If it's the latter, Eastern Standard has a whole section on their menu devoted to them. I love the Dancing Scotsman, which is Dewars, lemon juice and champagne. I can drink far too many of these in one sitting.

      1. Generally, I prefer champagne cocktails that are made with miminal "hard" alcohol and merely have fruit-type flavoring, such as mango or passion fruit. I also like cocktails with sparkling wine in it.

        1. I've recently started enjoying champage cocktails - how fun are they in nice weather?! Here are some I've enjoyed:

          Gargoyles: called something like Summertime Backyard Special or something - YUM, my new favorite (sauvignon blanc, prosecco, st germain, some other stuff)

          Marliave: Waterloo (Gin, Champagne, lemon, sugar) and Yellow Journalism (Pear Eau-De-Vie, Licor 43, Mionetto Prosecco, lemon)

          Eastern Standard: Corio Coupe (grapefruit, prosecco, something similar to campari), and a St Germain-and-champagne cocktail

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            I second the Backyard -- it came into my life as I had started to say "I'm not really a cocktail person" -- Just what Laura-jean named muddled with cucumbers. This is really one of the most amazing drinks/tastes you will have on this side of the river right now.

          2. Andy Mcnees' Seelback @ Green Street:

            Tommy's Casino Imperial @ Craigie:

            Yellow Jacket @ The Beehive (one of their 7 champagne cocktails!):

            The Old Cuban or Dancing Scotsman @ Eastern Standard:

            Scott Holliday's Whiskey-A-Go-Go @ Rendezvous:

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              Wow! Such a thorough report - thanks! The Casino Imperial and Whiskey-a-go-go sound really interesting.

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                The name is interesting. What is in it besides champagne?
                Also, wondering how dinner is at Teatro or is it better just for a drink? We were thinking of dining either at Sorrelina or Prezza.

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                  This is getting off subject, but you asked. Dinner at Teatro is quite good, bordering on excellent. We always go there before the theater. They get you in and get you out in time for all shows. They also take reservations. Sorrelina and Prezza are a notch above. Totally different in my opinion.

              2. without question, Hungry i on Charles Street. A big 1950s bowl of a champagne glass and fresh fruit puree in it. Absolute heaven. Sit outside in the back courtyard. The most romantic spot in Boston.

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                  As I am from NYC and unfamiliar with Boston, I just googled Hungry i and it appears that they don't have a website.

                2. I hadn't intended to post about the experience, but I couldn't resist given your inquiry. I was at Gaslight in the South End for dinner a few Sundays back, and was dismayed to discover what I can only hope was a novice bartender, who went 0 for 2 on what I would consider to be fairly straight forward requests, particularly at a French-style brasserie?

                  Pre-dinner cocktail at the bar, I walked her through a French 75, which yielded a flute filled with tepid champagne and viscous lemon pulp. Post-dinner, I walked her through a classic champagne cocktail... at least the champagne had chilled by then. I certainly understand that people aren’t born with a full set of cocktail-making skills, but it was rather painful when she explained her lack of knowledge at being "new to *this* bar." I guess I was surprised at what appeared to be a pretty low level of experience required to land oneself the gig?

                  In any case, I wish her the best of luck learning the ropes and advise you to head elsewhere in the meantime! I agree with previous posters' recs, Eastern Standard in particular.