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May 7, 2009 06:13 AM

Thuet to open 'Conviction' w/ ex-con kitchen staff

Have you guys seen this Star article? I have my thoughts on why he's doing it, but what are your thoughts?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Publicity stunt at its best

      1. It's just so tasteless. It's one thing to give people a second chance (good for him), it's another to exploit them for a profile boost. Does anyone think this will actually build his cred as a chef and restaurant owner?

        1. absolute publicity stunt. recession has driven thuet to exploit convicts? a little lame to me. what ever happened to getting people in with just good food? this definetely does not deserve "credit", using the fact they've done time to make face for yourself isn't cool. let them go quietly back into the workforce. it's sad to see toronto is in such a state of culinary depression that no ones opening anything new to really drive our cuisine forward.

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          1. re: locachef

            I have heard Dangerous Dans hires ex-cons?
            Don't know if this is 100% sure, but by friends have told me.

            1. re: flying101

              There may be some truth here. When they first opened, and for some years thereafter, getting various kinds of riffraff out of the resto and away from the entrance was part of the staff's daily work.

            2. re: locachef

              I agree with locachef,let them go quietly back into the workforce.why get the media involved .With a tv reality show on the works,Thuet is really goin all out trying to make himself famous,with the likes of Jamie Oliver,and McEwan.

              Its not that I don't believe in giving ppl second chances,this is the wrong way of doing it.Thuet is exploiting these convicts,and in some time they will be able to see his real intentions,and will retaliate.
              I give them 3 generous months before things start turning sour.

            3. The original comment has been removed
              1. my original qualms about this, which remain, have to do with doubting thuet's long term commitment to these workers. i'm sure they will develop cooking and serving skills while on the job. i'm sure thuet will keep this going till the TV series is over. but then what? will these workers remain on stuff, in the positions they were placed? it's extremely difficult for ex-cons to get hired once out of prison - a few months stint at thuet's restaurant will not be enough, i'm afraid, to get long term meaningful employment.

                if thuet wanted to 'help out' as he says, why does there need to be a TV show? why publicize the fact taht you are employing ex-cons? why not just quietly hire them without the attention to their criminal past? there are businesses with a mandate to help reintegrate ex-prisoners through employment, and their success depends on discretion and lack of publicity.

                1. re: Kasia

                  then why have any cooking shows or shows like extreme makeover home edition why not do it whithout the show. because its entertaining and heart warming to see that kind of gratitude

                  1. re: strappers

                    regular cooking shows are entirely irrelevant to this discussion; as for extreme makeover home edition, i'd argue exactly the same points. i don't think it should be required of marginalized people to show gratitude for them to get what they should have - housing, jobs, opportunity etc. this is not about the ex-convicts, it is about thuet and his need for notoriety and publicity. and yes, i'm sure the show will be a success. but i think it's presumptuous to assume that the reason people will watch is because they care about ex-cons and their rehabilitation.

                  2. re: Kasia

                    it's a tv show. nuff said. let's not confuse reality or charity with self-promotion folks.