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May 7, 2009 05:54 AM

First time in Quebec City/Montreal


I'm coming over to Canada for the first time next week from the UK and I was hoping to get some dining recommendations for Quebec City and Montreal. We're on a bit of a budget so i'm looking for more the low to mid price range and we're not at all fussy eaters so anything goes. Also, can you guys recommend anything typically Canadian that we have to try during our visit? We're staying on rue St Louis in Quebec and rue St-Vincent in Montreal so anywhere nearby or within reasonable walking distance would be good.
We're also going to Ottawa and Toronto and I'll post in the Ontario board about that but if you guys have any tips....

Thanks a lot for your recommendations!

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  1. Where you are staying in Quebec and given your parameters, Id recommend you try Aux Anciens Canadiens which is near your hotel. Others will pooh pooh this recommendation and say the place is touristy (it is filled with country antiques and the waitresses are in traditional dress), but we have found it good traditional Quebecois food in a comfortable, homey atmosphere - the food is very good quality and also they have a fixed price lunch and early dinner that are great bargains. You will want to try sugar pie and most likely tourtiere, and they have good versions. Another alternative for a traditional meal is Auberge Baker, which is a short drive up the river from Quebec City. My daughter and friend enjoyed a mult-course prix fixe meal there greatly earlier this year. Im sure others will recommend modern french options or creperies within the town.

    Look for inexpensive roadside restaurants on your drive (if you are driving) to sample poutine (the local fastfood treat, fried potatoes with fresh cheese curds and gravy) and buckwheat pancakes with maple syrup.

    1. Welcome to Quebec City, Auberge Bakers is near where we live it's really cool about 35 minutes from the city on Route 138 East.

      If your only staying in the city here are some not too expensive. Keep in mind that Quebec has excellent restaurants and sometimes the best way is to walk through the old city, peek in the windows and (they all post the menus) look at the menus'.

      Some: (This one is really nice
      ) (in Front of the Chateau


      Seriously though walking, looking and smelling will work just as well.

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        1. you could have a look at the "Binerie Mont-Royal" for traditional french-canadien/Québécois food.

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            Binerie Mont-Royal being in Montreal, 367 Mont-Royal Est