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May 7, 2009 05:21 AM

Love Pho where?

I love the soup at Pho Boston in West Hartford. Now where should I go? Has anyone been to Tanuki Japanese noodle in Hartford?

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  1. I just read an article in Edible Rhody magazine about good Pho in Providence:

    1. My favorite Pho place is Vinh Chau in Springfield, MA. Closed Tuesdays. Its the best I've had in NH, VT or Western MA.

      1. Try Pho Saigon on Ward St in Bridgeport . Small family run, great vietnamese food including pho and about 15 other noodle soups. It is probably one of the best I have ever had including China Town in Boston.

        1. Here's a thread on Tanuki:

          I have to say it turned me off reading it and I haven't been there yet because of that thread.

          I am a huge fan of Vietnam restaurant in Elmwood/West Hartford. Cheap and delicious. I took my mom there for mother's day for lunch and we had 3 apps and split an entree and it was $18. (her choice to go there and order that, just saying that I'm not a cheapskate!) I crave their food for days after I eat it. It's my new addiction. I love their Shrimp Rolls, Vietnamese Ravioli (I think it's peanut dipping sauce is the best I've had) and the Bahn Xeo/Happy Pancakes.

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            I heartily second Vietnam in Elmwood! It's the first place I ever had pho (or Vietnamese food period) and it was always a favorite. I haven't been in years, but only because I live in Middletown and we have Pho Mai. So should you be on/near Main St. Middletown when a craving hits, head for the North End. It isn't fancy, but you'll like it just as much, I'm sure--including that tasty peanut sauce!

            Strictly for pho, I used to love Pho 501 on Main St. in East Hartford, but stopped going when people used to smoke in the restaurant (it's been years, but I never made my way back since Vietnamese food can be found in my own backyard now, so to speak).

            Pho Mai
            570 Main ST, Middletown, CT 06457

            Vietnam Restaurant
            1131 New Britain Ave Ste B, West Hartford, CT 06110

            1. re: kattyeyes

              As I just discovered the hard way, Pho Mai is not open on Sunday. (but Thai Gardens. several blocks south. is.)

              1. re: DonShirer

                I'll bet they're on vacation. We've eaten there on Sundays before. Lucky for you, there is no shortage of dining options downtown. How did you like Thai Gardens? I used to eat there frequently years ago, but now make the trip to Glastonbury to Thai Angel when I need a fix. Try Pho Mai again when you can call to make sure they're open (I think this is a popular time for many restaurants to take a break) and if having wine with dinner is important to you, remember to BYO...should you forget, there's a packy just down the street a few paces (head toward O'Rourke's/St. John's Church).

          2. There's a place called Pho Tuong Lai on New Park Ave. in Hartford. I've never been there, but my friend said it's pretty good...and she's a diehard Pho Boston fan.