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Refrigerator - Bottom Freezer: Drawer or Door?

We are going to buy a new refrigerator. I would like to get something with a bottom freezer, but I don't know which is best, a drawer or door model? Anyone have a preference? Why? Thanks.

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  1. Every one I've yet seen is a drawer, which most folks seem to like fine. No first hand experience though.

    1. You do more bending/squatting with a door than a drawer, so if you need to work on your glutes then a door is a good option. A drawer is more convenient.

      1. I've never seen a bottom-freezer model that uses a door, have you?

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          Our Amana (made in Iowa before the Whilrpool acquisition) has a door. It replaced an earlier Amana bottom-freezer refrigerator that also had a door for the freezer.

        2. Definitely a drawer is preferable for good body mechanics. Most of the units built now are drawer..however you do still see some door models. When the bottom freezer mount first appeared..Door models were all you seemed to see.

          1. Drawer is more energy efficient.


            1. Drawer for me is what I would prefer. I had one at my house and loved it.

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                Thanks for all the feedback. Do you find that the freezer gets cluttered with a drawer, or is there a way to keep the stuff organized. The model with the door I saw looked like you can organize better, and the drawer looked like a big chest, you would have to dig into to find stuff.

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                  My drawer model has two levels, a deep lower drawer and a shallower upper drawer. Clutter can be a problem, but it's less of a problem than it was when I had a top-freezer, door-opening model. It's just that rather than things getting lost and forgotten at the back of the freezer, they get lost and forgotten on the bottom.

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                    We bought the Samsung french-door model for our vacation place because I liked the refrigerator configuration but I worried I wouldn't like the freezer drawer (i.e. things would get "lost" in it). I was very pleasantly surprised to find that it has a wonderful, well-engineered series of sliding drawers within the freezer which provide easy access and prevent the "buried" effect. In fact, I think less gets lost in this freezer than in my side-by-side at home. No digging around to speak of.

                2. Mine is a GE Profile that has a door that opens then a 2 level drawer that pulls out. I'd rather have the drawer that just pulls out. They have better glides and are easier to open. Plus it is one action to open the drawer rather than 2 with the door+basket configuration.

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                  1. I have a Fisher & Paykel Bottom mount freezer model. It has a door but inside are 2 drawers & a tray for ice. I've had door models that had shelves in the past and they were a p.i.t.a. With this model there is no mess, no clutter, no losing stuff to the back the of the freezer.

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                      I recently went from top freezer to bottom draw. There are two slide out draws. Think very carefully about this and why you are doing it. While I love the top of the refrigerator I hate the bottom freezer. It's awkard getting anything out. If the bottom is a little over packed, when you pull out the top drawer it scrapes and rips packaging. There is no storage on the door.The ice cube trays take up half of the top draw. I hate it. Even though the size of this freezer is bigger than my old top freezer you cannot fit as much in.

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                        Do you think it would be different if it were a door vs. a drawer?

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                          I do miss the door storage. But, without a draw I think you would have to get down on the floor to look for things in the back of the freezer, so I don't think that would work either.

                          Although I do like the top refrigerator and having the vegetable draws up high, but I think I would prefer going back to a top freezer. Maybe just because I've had one all my life and am used to it.

                          It's a trade off -- convenient refrigerator vs. convenient freezer. I wish I could test drive a side by side, too!