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Trip to Ireland

My husband and I are headed to Ireland for a wedding near Kilkenny and then we plan do so some traveling afterwards. We are looking for destinations that are quaint and have great food. I've read good things about Cork, but not much beyond that. Can anyone help us out? We will likely end in Dublin for a day or two and would also appreciate and recs for the city.


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  1. I worked in Dublin for a few months and whilst not blown away by the restaurants would recommend Mermaid on Dame St between Dublin Castle and College Green.
    It's relaxed and the food is of the steak, ham hock and sea bass ilk. Nothing revloutionary but good ingredients well cooked.

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      Someone once recommended O'Neills on Suffolk St. to me - but I never got there. Also Bewley's on Grafton St. is supposed to have very good coffee and food. Both are in Dublin.
      Search the board here - Ireland suggestions have been posted and should still be found.

    2. If you are in Kilkenny you should go to http://campagne.ie/ it's well worth a visit.

      1. Well, u are a bit general in your post but travelling from Kilkenny i'd recommend Cork city and Baltimore in west cork. Or the Dingle peninsula in Kerry is outstanding and Dingle has good places in all budgets. Dublin has too many to list without a bit of help narrowing down your expectations and preferences.

        1. Thanks for the help! The place in Kilkenny sounds right up our alley. I've heard that Cork has a lot of local producers and farmers, is that true? Sorry to be so open ended but we are sort of lost for a plan. Are there any B&Bs around there that are worthwhile?

          1. yes, cork is excellent foodie hunting ground! coming from kilkenny, heres a suggested itinerary:
            www.theoldconvent.ie in tipperary
            then to the midleton area for the excellent farmers market and old distillery (excellent tour)there plus the farmgate cafe,
            and also u must visit or stay at http://www.ballymaloe.ie/
            which is the source-spring for irish cooking and now bred an industry of offshoots ,
            even stay at nearby ballycotton for a blast of the sea,
            then into cork city for the 'english market' and this innovative and fun restaurant with rooms
            and then kinsale south of cork for the bloody brilliant http://www.fishyfishy.ie/
            get there early for lunch ie at noon
            then get to beautiful invigorating west cork and stay where i do at caseys of baltimore and stick to their fresh oysters langoustines lobster and great murphys
            i could go on and on, theres loads of other places to stay and eat and artisan producers from cheese to smoked salmon to breads, get a guidebook like the bridgestone irish food guide (check out their website) and buy a map too, oh and plenty of euros!

            1. Kenmare is a LOVELY place - we used that as our base camp and went from there. All the restaurants, pubs and shops were great - there was one particular place right in the center of town next to the woolen store - can't remember the name (drank a lot in Ireland!) Lots of reasonable accomodations. Do yourself a favor - buy "Ireland for Dummies" - we LOVED it and it was very helpful; i.e. "see this pub because the wooden bar is gorgeous but don't eat here - the food is lousy". That's MY kind of guide. Also ask for ideas from guests at the wedding - the Irish love a good chat and are warm and wonderful! DO NOT miss Bantry Bay and the FABULOUS mussels!! In the city, buy a ticket for the city bus and you can hop on and off as you like (there will be literature everywhere about it) and at night - anywhere in Temple Bar. You will fall in love with Ireland - I guarantee it. - and it's VERY romantic!

              1. Thanks for all the help! Ok, we finally made our plans! We will be spending two nights in Cork and planning a day trip to Kinsale, one night in Ennis, one night in Galway, and two nights in Dublin.

                Restaurant suggestions for Ennis and Galway would be greatly appreciated in addition to anything in Limerick or near the Cliffs of Moher for a lunch stop! Also, any favorite fish and chip spots?

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                  If in Kinsale at lunchtime, I'd suggest the Fishy, Fishy cafe. There's two - the original in town near the church and a newer, larger branch on the quay road.

                  It's more a fish restaurant than a fish and chips place. It gets a lot of hype in the guidebooks (presumably especially American ones as the place was packed with Yanks when we were there) and also has a Michelin Bib Gourmand. It is not as good as the hype (and it's not as good as it likes to think it is) but it is pretty good - if you check it out on menupages.ie you'll see local reviews.

                2. Try Ely's Wine Bar in Dublin. 22 Ely Place near St. Stephens Green. Well priced and great food + wine.

                  1. The Pig's Ear on Nassau Street in Dublin has great quality Irish food as well as reasonable prices. The Winding Stair is another great choice for the same .
                    Because of the recession there are great values to be had at restaurants in Dublin and around the country. Check out http://www.menupages.ie/ for up to date infos and offers