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May 7, 2009 03:26 AM

UK's hippest cocktail bars

I'm looking for the UK's hippest cocktail bars for an article I am researching. The sort of bars I am after are run by bartenders who make great cocktails and give them their own twist. They are also bars where you can have the sort of night out you talk about for days afterwards.

In London the some bars that fit the bill are Casita, Callooh Callay and nights like the Last Tuesday Society.

I'm pretty London-centric so far, so any help would be massively appreciated, especially if they are outside of the captial.

Many thanks.

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    1. re: abby d

      Here's a link to the Independent's current list of 50 Best Bars in the UK:

    2. Milk and Honey, the Dorchester Bar (Salvatore is famous for his martini), Paramount are all known for their cocktails...

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      1. re: expatlondon

        I think you may be confusing The Dorchester with The Lanesborough Hotel where Salvatore mixed in The Library Bar for years. He has not been there for a long time however and now runs the bar in a private club called Fifty next to The Ritz

      2. I love bar 55 in Camden. They do a great selection of cocktails & always have new specials on their board to try. The best thing is that between 6 - 8pm its buy one get one free, and all night on Sunday.

        I love the place!

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        1. re: Plantie

          Milk and Honey is good, and Lounge Bohemia on Great Eastern St is also worth checking out.

        2. I had best cocktails last night at the hide on Bermondsey Street - not cheap but these guys know what they are doing- much better than Calooh Callay. I also like the Experimental Cocktail Club - you should book a table and prepare to pay 15 UKP per drink. Unassuming door in chinatown - google it.

          1. Top of my list would be 69 Colebrook Row (or its sister bar at the Zetter Townhouse) - absolutely meets your criteria. If its for an article you may also be able to talk them into a visit to Tony's experimental cocktail lab down the road.

            For what it's worth, I find Callooh Callay unconvincing in terms of the quality of its drinks. Milk and Honey is grand but bring a flashlight. They have gone to a lot of trouble to compose an interesting and wide-ranging list and then present it in a room with the ambient lighting of a coal cellar so you can't read the bloody thing!