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May 7, 2009 02:43 AM

[London] Any recommendations in Hampton Wick/Kingston?

I'll be starting work in Hampton Wick/Kingston (within walking distance from either station) and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on good places to eat in the area. I don't drive, so nothing too out of the way, if possible.


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  1. I'm in Kingston fairly often, but I can't say that anyplace there has blown me away. There are lots of chains. Name one, and it's in Kingston, including the new Jamie Oliver which I haven't tried. There are a few restaurants overlooking the Thames, but they serve fairly ordinary fare, but of course I haven't tried them all.

    The best place, by far, in the area is Surbiton's The French Table - pricey and really for a special event type of meal.

    I think there are are some good pubs and a few restaurants of note near Hampton Court, but to be honest, I'm not sure where that is in relation to Hampton Wick. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

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      I see French Table was the "runner-up" on tonight's F Word.

      You heard it here first. Thanks, zuriga.

      I walked past the "winner" in Hexham some weeks back but it wasnt eating time.

      1. re: Harters

        You, indeed, are first, John. We recorded the programme last night when I saw the clues.... French restaurant.. Surbiton. We've been disenchanted with any Ramsay TV offerings for awhile, but we'll watch this tonight. It's a good place but a bit pricey for the quality which can vary. I guess we'll have to travel to Hexham one day!

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          Apologies I've spoilt the watching by revealing the result.

          Hexham is a lovely little town - with an absolutely cracking farmers market. It's not the shortest route back from Northumbria for us but the scenery between there and the M6 is stunning.

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            No apology needed. But I won't tell DH the result and will just seem more than brilliant when I know.the conclusion.

            If we get up to Whitby or beyond anytime soon, (in the next few years...) a detour to Hexam wouldn't be out of the question. There are still some rellies up that way I think. Last visit to Northumbria was about 8 years ago!

    2. 2 recs for you. Atari Ya ( which is a Japanese grocery shop with a small eat-in sushi counter. Haven't been to that particular branch but have very much enjoyed some of their other outlets, they are backed by a wholesale fish importer/distributor, fish quality is high + prices are reasonable.

      Roz Ana ( Haven't been but this place was recently recommended by family friends who live nearby. Menu is quite short, some traditional + some more experimental dishes.

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        I grew up in the greater Kingston area and have got to agree with Zuriga - it ain't that interesting! Kingston suffers from edge of London syndrome - meaning it's never been a diverse hub like other areas and sadly, this is reflected in it's restaurant options. Nonetheless, you have Fish Kitchen located in the town of Norbiton, which you can reach by foot in 10-15 mins or better still jump on the overhead train from Kingston heading northbound and it's the next stop, exit the station, take a left onto Coombe road and walk for 5 mins, passing some grand Edwardian houses.

        Lovely area but pretty much no great food.

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          Thanks for the recs! This is a rather belated reply; I work in KT1 so am rather limited to a 15 minute radius around my workplace, which pretty much rules any of the Greater Kingston places out. I'll check out New Malden's Korean places some time soon. A friend got some takeaway from there once and it was fantastic!

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            It looks as if Atari Ya is actually right down the High St. from the wonderful Korean places. I'm glad you revived this thread which will hopefully get me over to New Malden again soon for some of of both cuisines.

        2. Thanks all! Don't suppose there're any hidden coffee gems then?

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            For great coffee you'll need to take a short bus ride bus to richmond station and go to Taylor Street Baristas. Aussie owned and by far the best coffee for miles and miles. Come out station, turn left and go into the Source Deli. Coffee is at the back.

            Yikes, Kingston...I would get on another bus, probs the X-something, and head to New Malden for great Korean food.

            Other than that I really don't trust any of the ethnic restaurants out here in the suburbs - they are petrified of giving joe-whiteguy customers food with any spice or flavour.

            1. re: kidtofu

              I found a great coffee place at the Montezuma's near Bentalls. It's called Artisan Coffee Company and is located on the first floor of the chocolate shop. They use the same coffee beans as Taylor Street Baristas. Best of all, you get a free chocolate truffle with every hot drink!

              1. re: raistlyn

                Just an update: Artisan Coffee Company no longer gives out free chocolates with every hot beverage. Ah well!

          2. I've been told that another contestant in The F Word is located quite close to Hampton Wick station - Simply Thai in Teddington. It made it to the semi-finals. Its url is

            I haven't tried it yet, but my team is planning a trip there in the near future.

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            1. re: raistlyn

              Let us know after you've been, raistlyn. I'm always looking for good Thai not too far from home. We've had some very good Korean food lately in New Maldon - tried a new place and had a yummy meal.