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May 7, 2009 01:11 AM

providores, london

it's my birthday next month and i've been thinking about going to providores to celebrate but i've seen such mixed reviews, especially about the revised approach to evening meals (tiny portions and a bit ht and miss dishes).

has anyone been recently and if so what were your experiences? any views on the merits of a la carte lunch v a tapas supper? i could do either

oh, and i have what is probably an obvious q on the tapas supper - if you opt for (say) 3 courses is that 3 dishes which you share or would two people choose 6 dishes to share (3 each)?

the sunday roast supper seems to get a good write-up - perhaps this would be a better way to try providores without having to spend so much and risk an unhappy birthday meal.

any and all opinions welcome! thanks.

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  1. Went there on a date recently and were upstairs rather than in the tapas bar and wasn't impressed. There wasn't a stand out dish and I was really anticipating the experience, instead felt it was a bit like the Emperor's New Clothes? Wouldn't risk it on a bday.

    1. I have been for the tapas (downstairs) and really enjoyed it. I can't remember how many tapas we had but I am guessing more than three - your waiter will probably be able to guide you as to whether you have ordered enough.

      1. their brunch is v good. maybe consider going for that?