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May 6, 2009 10:36 PM

25th and Park - Lunch Recs?

Got a new job on 25th and Park, can anyone recommend some lunch options within walking distance?

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    + Baoguette, Latin Thing

    NB: Calexico Cart is gone now.

    There's no excellent Chinese nearby, though, but the Grand Sichuan (no longer related to Chelsea, WV, EV branches) can hit the spot if you order carefully.

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      1. re: PepperJack

        You're welcome. Forgot to mention also Defonte's, which opened a few weeks ago.

        1. re: kathryn

          You should definitely hit up Defontes. I'm partial to the Roast Pork hero

      2. Chennai Garden is great for South Indian vegetarian food apparently they have a very inexpensive lunch buffet, but I am usually there for dinner. The dosas are really good.

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        1. re: splurgepurge

          Already mentioned, I believe, but Tiffin Wallah on 28th between Park and Lex is great for lunch and really cheap. Their dinner is usually better than the lunch buffet, but the lunch is not bad. And cheap!

          1. re: LES_Crawler

            The Indian places already mentioned are good, but I'd say Saravanaas at Lex & 26th is the best South Indian in the city. Bar Breton for buckwheat galettes.


        2. I'd also recommend Minar on 31st just off 5th and La Sani on 29th betw. 5th and B'way for Indian/Pakistani cuisine

          1. Wildwood BBQ or Blue Smoke for BBQ. I like Resto on 29th off Park.