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May 6, 2009 10:04 PM

post-BRAT diet suggestions

I've been sick for the past several days. Horribly, gut-wretchingly sick. And now I am feeling better and am STARVING! But I know that my tummy is not up for anything I would normally cook. What's a girl who is sick of bananas, rice, applesauce and toast supposed to eat?

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  1. I'm (hopefully, i'm on the way) recovering from an infected gallbaldder, and a gallstone that's travelling on the way out. (I go back to the Dr on Friday, to see what the next step is to be)
    I've also been on the BRAT diet, and have been pretty much miserable. NO dairy whatsoever allowed. That's okay, as I actually like soy milk. No fatty, overly-processed foods, either.

    SOOOOO..I've eaten alot of crackers. Some chicken soup. Tons of rice, along with Cream of Rice to boot. Cream of wheat, and Malt-O Meal have also been good for my stomach, just made with water instead of milk. Oatmeal is so far, so good. I did break down, and went to my local Chinese place, and got some egg drop soup, and I was okay.
    My Dr told me to slowly begin adding more foods to my diet. So, yesterday, I made a hamburger at home, on my little George Foreman grill. It actually tasted delicious, and my stomach didn't flip out! I was so happy. So today, I pushed my luck, and got Panda Express for my dinner- just a bowl with white rice, and a new entree, asparagus chicken. It was really good, very mild, but..Go figure, Panda IS pretty greasy, and I paid for it, in less that 15 minutes! I'm going to try plain grilled chicken tommorrow at home, and see how I do.
    I am SO with you in this crappy BRAT diet! I open my freezer, and see ice cream and want to weep!

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      I think the fiber in oatmeal would set my stomach off again. But chicken soup is a good idea.

      I had my gallbladder out years ago, but before I did I spend about 3 months eating nothing but grilled chicken breasts and McDonald's vanilla shakes.

    2. It's not very filling, but ginger tea soothes the stomach. Chop up some ginger root, boil it in water, strain. Add sugar and lemon to taste.

      Maybe some Jell-O or gelatin made with fruit juice. Saltines with your chicken soup. Pastina with a little butter or olive oi.

      1. marinate some skinless chicken breasts in greek yogurt with lemon juice, allspice, garlic, plenty of ground black pepper, and just a small amount of sesame oil and grill. Serve over rice cooked in chicken broth/stock with lots of chopped fresh herbs mixed in at the end of cooking.

        fish poached with ginger and lemongrass served on spinach sauteed with garlic

        1. Mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, a plain bagel?

          1. rice, plain noodles, chamomile tea, jello, oatmeal, and NOT anything spicy or greasy... if you're feeling better... plain grilled chicken would be a good start