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May 6, 2009 08:52 PM

Good steakhouse/tasty low key place for small chill bachelor party

We're going to be in the Albany/Bennington/Saratoga Springs constellation coming up for a wedding and a bachelor party. Small group, we're not going to be getting sloshed and visiting with strippers. Anyone got a recommendation for low key, not super dressy, chill, tasty place we can have a good meal with the groom? Five of us, no big drinkers. Open to multiple food varieties though I believe his tastes range towards less spice.

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  1. I like Buca di Bepo in Albany. They have a lot of individual rooms of different sizes. You may be able to book a private room there. They even have a table located physically in the kitchen. There are numerous rooms, and depending on your party's size, you may be able to reserve one. Great atmosphere of an old style Italian restaurant. Inexpensive, good wine by the large carafe.

    They serve family style in a fun, "old fashioned red sauce style" atmosphere.

    Buca di Bepo made me think of Carmine's:


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      Hey Fred19, thanks for the rec. Would be up for supporting a local non chain place if you've got, or anyone else has got, any other suggestions.