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May 6, 2009 07:57 PM

Went to Scratch in Scottsdale today...

Really, I have no idea why there isn't all kinds of love for Scratch on this board. The place is just out and out wonderful. I have to be careful going in there for lunch, as I find little extras suddenly falling into my bag such as some butter cookies or a heavenly croissant or some (ghastly expensive but certainly delicious) Mariage Frères tea; all of a sudden, my $8 lunch is going for $20, but it's still oh so worth it. It's especially fun to go at lunch time and sit on the patio (or a table close to the window as things heat up) to watch the stream of people going in to get their bland sandwiches from Subway next door, when for three dollars more they could instead go to Scratch and drive everyone at the office NUTS with a duck breast and walnut sandwich served with organic mixed greens and a delicious vinaigrette.

Anyway, they have some delicious macarons. The owner of the place really cares about the end product. He and his team were discussing something design related, when out from the crowd came a sliver of salted caramel macaron. The pecan caramel tart I was nibbling was good, the chocolate macaron that Mamacita was enjoying was great, but the salted caramel macaron was absolutely out of this world. While we were enjoying that, the owner mentioned a new flavor he was working on...

White chocolate macaron, flavored with olive oil and a sprinkling of white truffle.

I think I swooned a little. OK, make that a lot.

Anyway, the guy who runs the place is a little nervous about making them since he's worried that the local crowd isn't going to go for something that wild. I know I'll be heading over there some time in the near future to pick one up.

Oh, if you need any other reason to go: Foie gras sandwich with caramelized onions.

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  1. JK, where is it? I didn't realize they served sandwiches. I need foie gras for lunch NOW.

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      Adding link.

      It's in a strip-mall at the NE corner of Miller/Indian School (kind of hard to spot - look for the Fry's and Radio Shack).

      The mogador (raspberry/chocolate cake) is excellent.

      Scratch Pastries
      7620 E Indian School Rd # 103, Scottsdale, AZ

      1. J. is drooling over the foie gras sandwich. Can't wait until Memorial Day weekend to try it out!

        1. I've heard good things but have not stopped in because I thought it was a dessert/pastry place and I've been trying to minimize the exposure to such decadence.

          But if they've got other delish main dishes... I'm in. Thanks.

          1. Tried Scratch this weekend (actually twice - for dinner and breakfast). This is a great little find! As mentioned, it is a little hard to find tucked away in the strip mall where Fry's is. The sandwiches are tasty and I had the quiche for breakfast and it was fabulous - moist and great flavors. The standouts for me where the desserts though. We got a few things to go and they were all great - the hazelnut/chocolate dome, almond toffee tart and chocolate tart were all decadent. Also tried the homemade ice cream which was very tasty - unique flavors like violet and strawberry pistachio. Their green tea is also great and picked up a box to go (a little pricey though). Will definitely be back!