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May 6, 2009 07:27 PM

mercatto downtown

some friends and I went to a great spot the other night, called mercatto on bay st. split a delicious octopus salad, meats, cheeses and artichokes and some pizzas with a bottle of wine. All around great service and great food.

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  1. I've only had coffee and hung out on the patio of the Bay street location but I have been to the Toronto St location for Dinner quite a few times and totally agree with you.
    Big +1 to Mercatto.

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    1. re: Tor.hound

      A few days ago while walking along King, I glanced up Toronto and swear I saw the windows of Mercatto papered over and a for-lease sign above them. I did not go closer to investigate... can anyone confirm if I was hallucinating? Hopefully it was just a reno.

      1. re: Gary

        Mercatto on Toronto St is still alive and doing well. I think the papered windowed building you saw was the O'Brien Irish sandwiches which closed a few months ago.

        1. re: ParsleySage

          That's correct, it's the O'Brien Irish Sandwich place that is papered over. I walk down Toronto St. almost every day. Mercatto is definitely still open.

          1. re: futronic

            Good, good. Sorry for the false alarm.

    2. They are opening a new location in the Mars building, correct?

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      1. I agree. I had only gone there for lunch before, and thought is a poor attempt at copying Terroni.

        However, I went last week for dinner, and it was delicious! Fresh, well-balanced, tasty. In retrospect, I should have got pasta, but I got a striploin (I think) with a panzanella salad which was delicious. My friends had the special gnocci in a cream sauce with spinach and truffles (heaven!!!), the mushroom tagiatelle (also so good!) and the seafood spaghetti (didn't try).

        It's very simple but very well executed. I would say that the menu is similar to terroni, but maybe has fewer unusual combinations for pasta. People may also find that it has a little less attitude than Terroni. I am a die-hard Terroni fan (maybe to the point of being an apologist), but was still impressed with the dinner at Mercatto.

        1. I've been there many times, and the octopus salad is perfect. Pastas and pizzas are also very good, I had an excellent pizza with tuna, arugula and olives, but I think it was a special and not on their menu. For first-timers who want to focus on the food, dinner is definitely preferrable to lunch: It's mostly an office crowd and is packed at lunch, with terrible acoustics so the din is so loud you often can't hear your dining companions. After work, it is empty. The times I've been there for dinner, there have only been one or two other parties.

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          1. re: sway

            Toronto Street location?
            Only once out of all the times I've been there was it that empty.

            1. re: Tor.hound

              Sorry, no, I meant the Bay St location. I've only been to the Toronto location once for lunch, and it was just before Christmas so we had to make reservations and it was packed. The Bay St location has been empty the 5-6 times I've been for dinner.

            2. re: sway

              I have been to Mercatto on Toronto street many times and I disagree. Mercatto is no way a Terroni wanabe. I find Mercatto service very freindly and very accommodating. Just this week I went and had a great experience . One girlfriend had the Diavola pizza and loved it. My other girlfriend had the Nudies and they were amazing.I had the Swordfish and it was great. They have alot of great wines by the glass and not too expensive. We had the butterscotch Budino (I think that's how you spell it). I live near College and Bay and can't wait for them to open. I have to say I am a big fan of Mercatto.

              1. re: julie jones

                Another big fan of the Toronto Street location. During lunch, don't bother coming past 12-12:15 pm as they are packed. Even evenings are bustling.
                Love the food, the vibe, the wine selection and to top it off, a true authentic Italian Cappuccino.

                1. re: sylvrgirl

                  You have another fan here as well Mercatto. It is really refreshing to go to a place that has great customer service and good food. I'm glad to hear they are opening another one. Cheers.