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May 6, 2009 07:11 PM

bob's big boy.

the century city thread got me thinking about bob's big too.

anyohow besides the location in burbank, are there any others still in operation. the wilshire and la brea location is now long gone too;

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      there is one in Torrance on Hawthorne and PCH... but seriously, doesn't anyone google anymore or just go to the restaurant's website?

    2. One will be opening in Northridge, the corner of Nordhoff Way and Corbin Ave. It's in the same shopping center as the Target.

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      1. re: Rodeline

        Oh, really? I thought it was going into the old K-Mart spot which is a bit north, at Plummer (I think? I always get plummer and lassen confused).

      2. Had lunch at the Burbank location a couple of weeks ago. THE worst grilled chicken sammy I've eaten in a long time! And, our server (at the counter) could hardly speak English! :( I hope for all of you the new location in Northridge turns in your favor!

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        1. re: Kitchen Queen

          I try never to stray from the Big Boy Combo or Club Sandwich. Go with what they're known for. It ain't haute cuisine here folks.

          1. re: cagey

            I miss the Brawney Beef, do they still make that? TYIA

            1. re: Burger Boy

              The very first reply in this thread by goodhealthgourmet has a link to the Bob's website with a complete menu listing.

              1. re: Burger Boy

                With the help of Servorg I found out they no longer make the Brawney Beef, they have something called a Brawney Lad but it is very different. Life sucks, I was gonna get that for lunch today.

                1. re: Burger Boy

                  That's too bad, B-Boy. When I had my 2nd baby & was still at Prov-St. Joe's I had my mom & hubby get me an order to go. Haven't been back since tho, guess nothing lasts forever!!

              2. re: cagey

                Same here. We just went to the Diamond Bar Big Boy's on Sunday. I ordered the Big Boy Combo and hubby (who's not familiar with Big Boy's) ordered the Chicken Parmesan. The Chicken Parmesan was not good, and I said, "That's why I always order the Big Boy Combo."

                I grew up in Detroit in the '70's and '80's, and I noticed some differences between what's offered at Bob's Big Boy and what was offered at (then) Elias Bros. Big Boy in Michigan. For example, the sauce on the Big Boy combo at the Michigan restaurants was similar to (but better than) the sauce on the Big Mac. Anybody from other parts of the country notice any other differences? Just curious.

                1. re: wanderinglady

                  In fact, from my childhood here in SoCal, I also remember the sauce being more like a 1000 Island/Big Mac-style sauce, not the stuff they're using at the Diamond Bar location (where I've been a few times in the last couple of years). Not that there's anything wrong with the current choice of relish (it's the red hamburger relish many folks try to find in stores from time to time); it's just different. I haven't been to the Toluca Lake location in a while, so I can't remember what they're using these days.

                  1. re: Jack Flash

                    I grew up in So Cal eating BB as well, and clearly and lovingly remember the red hamburger relish on the Big Boy burger.

                    You may be thinking of...when I was a kid, the Northridge Mall had a BB Jr., where they sold single patty burgers...those had the 1000-island-style spread on them.

                    Anyone else remember the BB Jr. in the Northridge Mall back in the 70s/80s?

                    1. re: GK in SO

                      I think you nailed it - it's the relish. A Big Boy Combo just wouldn't be the same without it. I grew up eating at the one in Santa Monica (SM Blvd @ Yale) but the Toluca Lake (Riverside Dr.) location still gets it right. Ah simple but unique pleasures.

                  2. re: wanderinglady

                    In Pittsburgh, the Big Boy franchise was held by Eat 'n Park. Their version of the Big Boy had tartar sauce, not the red sauce that Bob uses out here. Also, Eat 'n Park's onion rings were the thickest I ever had, each one was almost an inch thick. Sadly they have gone the way of Howard Johnson's...

                    1. re: JosephEBacon

                      Eeewww, tartar sauce is for FISH, not burgers.....

                      And you still have HoJo's??? Thought they went down a looonnnggg time ago!

                      1. re: JosephEBacon

                        Are you sure it really was tartar sauce, and not Durkee's or something similar? Although I could easily see my favorite kind of tartar sauce, with chopped egg and dill pickle, on a burger...

                        1. re: Will Owen

                          Only if you add some hot sauce or sriracha, otherwise, keep it off my burger!!

                2. A while back, I heard that one was going to open in the old Johnnie's Broiler location in Downey...........anybody know anything about it?

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                  1. re: slowrider

                    I think that fell apart but I am not sure.

                  2. They seem to have been expanding recently. Another new one is open at the former Chevy's location in West Covina. Norm's has also been opening new locations. I guess the time is right for cheap, sit down meals.

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                    1. re: heckonwheels

                      Everyone should be aware that the new Big Boy's that are opening up are more like SMALL fast food joints, not the sit-down, coffee shop-type places that Big Boy used to be (and still is, I guess, in Glendale).

                      1. re: asimen

                        I stopped at one last July on the way back from Las Vegas (I think Baker) that was just converting from Bun Boy?, remodeled and an updated version of the old Bob's, full service coffee-shop style. My friend and I happily gobbled down our combos and they were as satisfying as ever.

                        1. re: asimen

                          The new one that I referred to is sit-down, waiter served. It's not at all like the old "Bob's big Boy Jr." restaurants that were fast-food versions.