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May 6, 2009 06:58 PM

How do you handle table grapes with seeds?

I'm talking about the larger grape variety that harbor 2-3 rice grain sized seeds. Do you pop the grape in your mouth and swallow the seeds while eating? Gingerly bite down and try to take them out of your mouth with some skilled tongue movements? Bite the grape in half and try to pick them out? I've tried doing all of the above, none to terribly satisfying effect. The bane of grapes! Seedless are so much easier, but some varieties of grapes that have seeds are just so delicious. So I persevere.

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  1. I was always taught the general rule of thumb that the way food enters your mouth is the way it should leave it. If you're eating the grapes by hand, I see nothing wrong with (quietly) spitting the seeds into your hand and depositing them on your plate.

    On the other hand, if you're pulling a George Costanza, and eating them with a knife and fork, then you should attempt to separate the seeds first, and if any do make it into your mouth, you should quietly deposit them back on your fork and then to your plate.

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      ..."you should quietly deposit them back on your fork"

      I realize this is what Emily Post and others would say. Doesn't it seem like it would be a juggling act? You risk the chance of drawing more attention to yourself as opposed to removing the pit discreetly.

      It does, however, remind of the way I saw a Chinese woman eating chicken feet at a dim sum restaurant. She picked up the foot, bit off a toe, worked off the "meat" in her mouth and then pierced her lips while bring the chopsticks up to them and removing the toe bones. Very subtle and quick. Impressive. I wasn't as graceful. LOL

    2. Seeded grapes are like watermelon and cherries... there's not much you can do aside from discretely spitting the seeds out as you eat them. Just be civilised and put them on a plate, not the floor!

      1. Kevin has it - if it goes into your mouth by hand, the seeds leave on your hand - discreetly brought back to your mouth so you can drop the seeds in - and then onto the plate.

        1. I'll swallow any seed/pit the size of a cherry pit or smaller. I guess my general rule is sort of quantity-based - if there is going to be a lot of seeds/pits, just swallow them. If it's just going to be one or two (as with peaches, for example), I'll remove them by hand.

          1. Spit 'em out. Just make sure they clear the porch railing. Same with watermelon, in case it's keeping you up at night.

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            1. re: flavrmeistr

              I bite the grape in half and pick them out.