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May 6, 2009 06:22 PM

Tamworth Pigs

Does anyone know if Perth Pork Products' Tamworth pigs ever show up at the quality butchers or farmer's markets downtown?

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  1. healthy butcher will get tamworths in from various farmers, including perth pork products, call to check availability.

    They also carry iron age pork, which is a cross between tamworth and wild boar. The mouthfeel is incredible, words cannot describe......

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    1. re: aser

      Which cuts of the iron age pork have you eaten? Sounds really interesting. My favourite cut from the boar has to be the neck chops. Maple syrup brined and grilled, oh my.

      1. re: redearth

        It's not available all the time, but when it is.....lawdamercy!

        All cuts are available since they're breaking down the whole pig. My favourite is the butt chop (shoulder).

      2. re: aser

        I had the Iron age butt chops from the Healthy Butcher and they were fantastic. The flavour is everything you remember pork used to be. It's almost bacony in its porkiness.

        I took a few shots of my chops, but nothing fancy. I salted them for 24 hours, then roasted them in a low oven before browning the outsides, a la Cook's Illustrated's wont these days.

        Getting my first delivery of Tamworth pork from Whole Earth, my meat CSA, tomorrow so I should have an update on how they are shortly.

        1. re: tbonetak

          Judging by the date of the photos, I ate the exact same pig as you.

      3. Thanks for all this good info. Ironically (as we're close to Healthy Butcher on Queen) we actually ended up placing an order for a half carcass directly from another producer.