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May 6, 2009 06:10 PM

Baltimore-Blueberry Pie

I'm in search of the best blueberry pie in Baltimore for my stepfather for Father's Day. Got any suggestions?


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  1. Have you tried Dangerously Delicious Pies? I'm not a fan of fruit pies, but I love their savory pies. My fiance says that all their fruit pies are amazing. You can also try it by the slice before you order a whole pie, which would be a fun audition, if nothing else.

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    1. re: izzy0927

      Thanks for the's sort of my back-up plan. We got a pie from there years ago and the filling had not set up correctly. It was so sad, but probably just a fluke.

      1. re: ronandaim

        That's funny- I was goign to advise to ask them to cook it just a little bit more well done because I think their fruit pies stay a little too wet in the middle. My dad was saying that his pecan pie tasted spot on, but the filling was just a little too wet.

        I also know Cafe Con has really good cakes and pies too- you may want to check to see if they do whole blueberry pies

    2. For something that tends to taste the best when it is in its simplest form (like fruit pie) I'd recommend one of the old school Baltimore bakeries, like Woodlea for this. I haven't tried their pie, but considering how good all their other offerings are -- especially the peach cake!! -- I would have complete confidence ordering from them.

      1. You MUST try the pies featured at the Pennsylvania Dutch Market on York Road. My hubby brought home two halves this past weekend--one a peach praline and the other strawberry/rhubarb. They were outstanding. Both had fantastic crusts which only enhanced the fruits. If they are any indication of quality, then I feel certain that their blueberry pie would be equally impressive. FoiGras

        1. Just wanted to add my two cents. I find blueberry pie is one of the hardest fruit pies to get right. Since the original poster asked for Baltimore, I guess Westminster and Bowie are out of the question.

          Although I love Dangerously Delicious Pies, in my old age I have conceded that they are inconsistent with both their filling and crust. Their pies do taste delicious, but for that cost, we shouldn't have to cross our fingers and pray our pies don't come out under or overdone. Still, like a working dysfunctional relationship, I always find myself going back.

          I must respectfully disagree with charmedgirl. The old school bakeries like Woodlea use blueberry pie-filling and not "real" blueberries. (Side note: Overall I prefer Woodlea, but I find their peach cake inferior to Fenwick's.)

          Off the top of my head, the others in the area that I know use fresh or frozen blueberries are SugarBakers and The Catonsville Village Bakery, both in Catonsville. I have tried and liked SugarBakers' pies, although I haven't tried blueberry. Good luck and please report back if you get a chance.

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          1. re: bmorecupcake

            Bite your tongue! Woodlea's peach cake is the gold standard. ;-) And I respect your respectful disagreement with my pie recommendation. I admit it was based more on hunch than knowledge. But it makes me curious -- is your comment that the old school bakeries use filling as opposed to fresh berries also based on hunch, or do you know for a fact?

            1. re: charmedgirl

              I appreciate the passion for peach cake! I'm always surprised how people who have lived in Baltimore for decades have never even heard of peach cake.

              When it comes to my baked goods, I don't joke around. ;) I know for a fact that Woodlea uses blueberry pie-filling. It's not too hard to tell just by tasting, but just to make sure before I posted here, I actually called Woodlea and asked the person on the other end to ask the baker for me.

              I find that no matter where you go -- Woodlea, SugarBakers, PP, Bonaparte, Dutch Market -- you have to ask the baker(s) yourself when asking questions about ingredients. Rarely are counter staff very knowledgeable. Sometimes the counter staff will go back and ask the bakers. However, in the majority of cases, I get replies that are completely wrong. Sometimes you just have to trust your instinct. Recently, we asked the counter staff at SugarBakers if their mousse filling contained gelatin They went back to ask the baker. Out comes the baker and tells us "it might or might not." To be fair, she seemed like an apprentice baker, but I was still surprised. Before SugarBakers moved all cake assembly stations to the back, I would always see these huge buckets of filling and frosting that looked like they had been purchased from somewhere. Twice I received no answer when I asked if they bought their buttercream or made it in-house. This last experience made me even more suspicious. But that doesn't mean I don't find their cakes delicious.

              Off-topic rant: Can anyone make mousse, icing, sponge cake, or cheesecake without gelatin any more? I blame the French for starting this trend.

              1. re: bmorecupcake

                bmorecupcake, I think you're my new hero. Calling to talk to the baker is serious dedication. I love it.

                I don't love that Woodlea's uses pie filling... though the place has been such a mainstay for my family for so many years dating back to when my dad was a kid growing up down the street from there that it doesn't really change my affection for them. :-)

              2. re: charmedgirl

                For sake of completeness, called Fenwick and confirmed they also use pie filling.

                1. re: bmorecupcake

                  I bet the Pennsylvania Dutch Market doesn't use pie filling!

                2. re: charmedgirl

                  I lived in Baltimore for years, married a girl from Hamilton, and just learned about peach cake a few years ago, from my in-laws. They go to Fenwick, mainly for the marshmallow donuts, but will bring me a peach cake from time to time. Hard to see how Woodlea's could be better -- maybe AS good, but better?

                  And what about smearcase? I love Fenwick's too.

                  Being of a certain age, I love old-school bakeries and the stuff they sell. The ones I grew up with were in Providence, but the ones in Baltimore smell exactly the same when you walk in the door.

                  1. re: Bob W

                    I live in Hamilton/Lauraville and have repeatedly heard about this "peach cake"... I think i finally have to ask what it is? A sponge cake with peaches? And actual frosted cake with peach icing...

                    so in the dark here! what is it? and what makes it so tasty? Also curious about the smearcase... are we talking bagel smear? Guess I should get my butt to Fenwicks...but in the meantime...


                      1. re: hon

                        ah... oh, wow...that does look good... kinda what I was hoping it would be... do you know if you have to buy a whole cake at Fenwicks or can you get half cakes etc...

                        thanks hon!

                        1. re: tapas gal

                          I think you can usually get a half, a whole or just a piece of it, but I am not positive, love the stuff and I am not a big dessert person.

                          1. re: hon

                            Peach cake is great because it's not too sweet and they make it only when peaches are in season.

                            As for smearcase, it's an old-school German cheesecake made with cottage cheese. Also not overly sweet. Love them both!

                            Now, if you WANT sweet at Fenwick, the marshmallow donuts are the way to go. So popular that you can call ahead and reserve some (same for the other stuff, esp. the peach cake).

                        2. re: hon

                          Here's a thread on the Home Cooking board that talks about my attempts at making peach cake.


                          1. re: JonParker

                            I wait every year for Woodlea to hang the FRESH Peach Cake signs in the window to delineate fresh from canned peach season.

                            Should be coming in a couple of weeks!

                      2. re: Bob W

                        7219 Harford Road

                        Parkville, MD 21234


                        cuz I need to try it. lol

                  2. Baughers has a stall at the Mill Valley General Store on Sisson Street, not sure if it's just produce or if that includes their pies.