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May 6, 2009 05:50 PM

Veritas: its wine collection

I've never eaten at Veritas but would like to try it. Usually I choose wines in the $60-70 range. Is there any point going to Veritas with that kind of price limit for wine? I know they have a world-class collection.

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  1. We're huge fans of Veritas. Since I don't drink, my husband always does pairings by the glass. Costs for those have been between $10-$20. So, I can't imagine they won't have some bottles that will fit your budget. You should definitely go. Chef Gregory Pugin's cuisine is sensational!

    1. This, along with the ambiance, was something I was disppointed in (I can't fault the food). The number of choices in your (and my) range was minimal, with probably 90% of the list being in 3 figures (many in the HIGH 3 figures). However, we ordered one of the cheapest, and it was just fine.

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        We had dinner at Cru the other night and chose a 2000 Lagrein for $50. It was one of the best wines I've had in some time. This is something I really appreciate about Cru. They have a good number of wines in the reasonable range, and the markup is never more than twice retail. Aside from that, you can not even find a 2000 Lagrein anymore, the earliest I see available is 2005, selling for about $30 retail.

      2. Well, the point of Veritas is the wine, so you should really approach it that way. One way to try it on a budget would be to limit yourself a little (ok, a lot) foodwise, and splurge on wine (hey, be creative, eat a nearby Shake Shack burger before or after so you don't starve). If you kick yourself over $100 on a bottle of wine, you will really step up.

        What kind of wine do you generally like?

        The bar at Cru is also a nice experience, also an amazing winelist.

        The wine director at Craftbar nearby is very good, BTW. You can have a great wine experience many places if you get the right person. Telepan comes to mind as another great place to turn yourself over to the wine team.

        24 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10011

        900 Broadway, New York, NY 10003

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          Can you limit yourself re the food? Isn't it at minimum an $85.00 prix fixe? Unless you sit at the bar...

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            Hmm, you might have a good point. 2 chefs ago, back when the food was sooo bad at Veritas, I got in the habit of always eating at the bar, and I guess I like it there (the decor in that place is crazy drab). I've been back in the dining room, but generally when in a group ordering a lot of stuff and I've never paid attention to what the options were. For me, Veritas is all about wine and that's where my mind is, that and making sure none of the food conflicts with the choice.

            So with the bar as an option (it's a very nice place to sit) I'd stick with my suggestion of limiting the food in favor of the wine. (Based also on the report above that there are not many inexpensive selections, I don't know I never paid attention to that.)

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              I haven't tried it...and it's not on their website, as far as I could tell...


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            "Well, the point of Veritas is the wine...."

            Chef Pugin's French-inspired cuisine is entirely different from the New American Scott Bryan was serving and, imo, far more exceptional. Truly exquisite! Perhaps, during Bryan's tenure, the wine may have been the star, but with Chef Pugin now in charge of the kitchen, I disagree with your statement.

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              It's always about the food and wine for me. I usually put myself in the hands of the wine experts in the restaurant. I've liked the selections at Aureole, Telepan, etc. I know my way around a Spanish list really well, so natch I like Ribera del Duero, Priorat etc. For French, I enjoy Loire wines for less expensive choices, Burgandy, even some Languedoc.

              Acidity, I'm guessing you are retired. Otherwise, how do you have time to make so much money AND spend it on meals out so often? Unless you are dining at 9 p.m. and the effects of the good wine are not apparent.

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                ha, ok, I'm a little young to be retired. If you like Priorat, shoot around the corner to Craftbar, they have some nice ones.

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                  acidity, I have enjoyed reading your posts. We also enjoy wine (not always the mark-up) and don't even look at the food menu until we have ordered the wine. Both Cru and Veritas have excellent wine lists. I have not been to Veritas yet but have read about their legendary wine list. Cru's wine "bibles" in those huge books were a little overwhelming. Their sommelier was excellent. My SO probably would have preferred to skip his birthday dinner, read them and share a bottle of wine and an app or 2 at the bar :)

                  We generally drink reds. I read an article (In Food & Wine?) recently where a sommelier felt white wines were a better accompaniment for all food. Would love your perspective on that . . .