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May 6, 2009 05:18 PM

Collard Sandwiches in North Carolina or Near

Does anyone know of a restaurant in North Carolina or close that serves collard sandwiches?

They are made with fried cornmeal bread like cornmeal pancakes. Collards are between two of these. Also - fatback fried crisp and hot peppers on the side to add as desired. I hope I have managed to attach a photo.

I had them at the Storytelling Festival of Carolina a couple of years ago, and they were great. I've been working on making them, but the boys are not so keen on such sandwiches. I'm hoping our vacation this year (as yet undecided on location) will take me by a place that serves good ones.

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  1. really this is more of a home cooked item. never ever heard of it in a restaurant diner etc. some people even do cornbread(baked or fried) collards and milk all in a bowl

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      It's interesting that collard sandwiches do not show up at our restaurants. They are really great. I have seen the bowl verions you're talking about, but I really do not like milk or that much food mixed together. Maybe it just doesn't sound good - collard sandwiches. Some man at the festival was clearly enjoying his, and I asked about it. He told me that I really had to try one. I'm glad I did.

    2. Google "Collard Sandwiches" with the quotes and you will find a little info. They have them at the Maxton collard festival, at a Lumbee function and at other functions in the state.

      1. The best rendition I've had of collards that would seem to work well on a sandwich are the collards at Bum's in Ayden, NC. The collards are finely minced and super-fresh and buttery and have almost the consistency of pimento cheese. I bet if you went there they could put it between two buns for you.

        Here's my previous review of the place with a link of a pic of the collards and other sides:

        Bum's Restaurant
        566 3rd St, Ayden, NC 28513

        1. Thanks for the other notes on collard sandwiches. I can make them, but they are not as good as the ones at the festival. I guess I will keep trying and hope a restaurant decides to market them.

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            Omgosh, I have never heard of collard sandwiches, and I am from Missisippi! I have never seen them on any menu. Are they a Carolina thing? I love collards - the sandwiches sound delicious! Tell me more..

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              I think they are usually a southern home food and coastal - NC and SC.

              The bread is what we call hoe cake. I think I said cornbread like pancake before, since there are vaious types of hoe cake. The collard sandwich ones are definately the ones cooked in a skillet and with cornmeal. Size is about 6 inches around.

              The collards are just put between the hoe cakes to eat like a sandwich.

              I added the hot peppers and the crispy fat back strips on mine.

              There's a photo higher up in this string of the sandwich from the festival.

              I've not seen these in restaurants either, but I'm in the piedmont (between the beach and mountains). I was hoping that some restaurants on out toward the beach might serve them. They really are fabulous.

              1. re: suites

                I found these that look like the ones I'm talking about. The writer doesn't mention serving them sandwich style. But, I think you can see how that would work. You may want to turn down the volume as you will hear music that you may or may not like.

                Oh - I checked the link. The photo comes up in the corner to the left. The post is scrolled down a bit. Includes the recipe too.