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May 6, 2009 05:11 PM

Northern Wisconsin Supper Clubs

You know the kind with relish trays. Any still left?

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  1. My grandparents live in Hurley/Ironwood area (right off US Hwy 2 on the UP border, for those who don't know), and our favorite spot in the Bell Chalet in Hurley. We usually stick to the pizza and Caesar salad. People bring their own bowls for salad carryout! I love it.

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      We love their Caesar salad. It's not the typical Caesar but it is so good. We tried to get the recipe but they won't give it out.

      1. re: Living4fun

        You can do it in St. Francis WI at Dobie's on Kinnickinnic! There's review in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel today.....relish tray and all.......

    2. If it is still around, I always liked the Blue Hills Supper Club, north of Rice Lake.

      1. A couple we have been to are Chippewa Inn near Hayward and White Birch Inn in Solon Springs. We have also been to Lehman's Supper Club in Rice Lake which is now kind of swallowed up by a Wal Mart and fast food places. It's been a number of years since we have been to Al Capone's Hideout in Couderay, it used to be a nice quiet place but they have since played up the Al Capone part so not sure what the quality is like. All have the old time feel and relish trays!