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May 6, 2009 03:56 PM

Unglazed quarry tiles

Went to Home Depot looking for unglazed quarry tiles as I need a new pizza stone. They looked at me like I was crazy and didn't even know where to send me. Can anyone tell me where to pick up something like this?

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  1. What are these quarries stones made of... ceramic? This just could be a problem of terminology, the staff might not be familiar with the phrase "quarry stone" (aren't all stones from a quarry?) but maybe If you asked for "ceramic tiles" perhaps they could have sent you to that section of the store, where you could have then continued a search for unglazed ones. Having recently done some renos I recall there being a pretty big section of various stones and tiles which would probably be the best starting point for you. I imagine the "unglazed" part is important though if you don't want to poison yourself.

    1. try looking for actual tile stores or a place that makes ganite counter tops. quarry tiles refer to stone tiles like limestone, soapstone, marble, granite etc. there is a link on this blog that refers to using terra cotta tiles that can be purchased from home depo. you need to specify which type of stone you are looking for. if granite is what you are looking for try a counter top manufacturer they may have some scrap pieces from the sink holes they cut out, even though the piece may be glazed it is done so on one side only so cook on the unglazed side.

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        There is no glaze on granite - it is merely polished BUT they may have sealed it, in which case there is a chemical embedded in the surface. Most of the big granite / marble places have a dumpster lying around with offcuts. It can be hard work sorting out those pieces. 3/4 granit is heavy stuff. A large unglazed 1/2 inch travertine tile may be your best bet.

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          Terra cotta is what you're looking for. It's not a natural stone - it's a ceramic tile, made of reddish clay and not glazed. I don't think any glazing would "poison" you (unless it's high in lead, which I doubt would be available in North America) but the unglazed surface absorbs moisture better when you plop a hunk of raw dough on it, giving you a better crust.

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            I queried the use of terra cotta on another thread and recieved no response. My thinking was the same as yours. How big is yours and where did you find it - along Steeles or where?

            Also, did you cure it with a fat or oil?

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              The tiles I use are leftover from a kitchen renovation - erk - 27 years ago. Those are about 6-inches square. I found some slightly larger ones at one of those Habitat for Humanity re-use stores - I think maybe 8-inches square. I use 4 of those in my oven or 6 of the smaller ones.

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                I just keep mine in the oven and if I'm doing a pizza or bread, it goes directly onto the stone. Also good for reheating a baguette or something. I didn't cure it with anything at all - just let it get naturally stainy from use.

          2. I got mine at Home depot by looking for unglazed Mexican terra cotta tiles.

            1. I use an upolished piece of granite...picked up a remnant piece cheap at any Betz Stone on Kennedy Rd (north of Finch) in Scarborough

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                When we bought our granite countertop from Home Depot the supplier/installer was actually a company called Majestic Marble in Concord, Ontario ( They do have a showroom if you live nearby. Perhaps you could drop by and see if they have any off-cuts to sell you cheap. Most people who order custom counters have holes cut out for the sink... I wonder where those cutout pieces go?

              2. In addition to checking out the tile sections/suppliers, I can also suggest checking out the BBQ section of the hardware store... some time ago I ended up buying some unglazed tiles there which were being sold as an alternative to Lava Rocks for BBQs.

                Having said that - I think the prices for the actual pizza stones have come down somewhat in recent years. I just did a quick search of some Toronto-area retailers; Home Hardware's website lists a 13" pizza stone with peel for $13.99, and Caynes's website lists a 15" stone for $9.99. . .