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ISO Monday night dinner, W LA or SM or CC, not too $, group of 8

Any thoughts on where a group might have dinner with entrees between $10 - $20, rather than $20-$40, on the Westside?

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    1. This is the second time today I've suggested Arsenal, but Arsenal is what comes to mind. Sit outside on the patio (but you'll encounter smokers).

        1. http://www.ilfornocaffe.com/contact.html for well-prepared Italian. Pleasant atmosphere, professional service, good food, and they'll put tables together in the quieter room for large parties.

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            i particularly like the SPAGHETTI INTEGRALI PRIMAVERA that they serve at il forno.
            also, the complimentary bruschetta that they serve with the bread is terrific.

          2. Thanks! Il Forno is my go-to spot, anyway.

            1. If you're just looking for an entree only meal, skip this reply. Otherwise, maybe consider Jiraffe. They have a weekly Monday night 3-course prix fixe dinner for between $35 and $40 per person. Very Farmer's Market driven with options on the appetizer and entree side of things.

              1. The FIG. with the restaurant.com coupons, it's really easy on the wallet. Loving the place, we're headed back on Friday ourselves.

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                  Not open on Mondays, though, and that is the night OP asked about.

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                    how many coupons can you use at one time? can you stack a bunch or is it just one at a time?